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Judge Not: Look Deeper & Love! :)

Faery Blessings:


There was a time in my life when I judged others….until the Holy Spirit made it known to me that only God can judge others….the Holy Spirit gives us discernment to know the true intentions or heart and mind of another, but that is not the same as judging….Judge not lest ye be judged was always just a passage of scripture to me until the last few weeks….


You see in the last few weeks, the Holy Spirit has also opened up my heart to a deeper level of compassion, understanding and seeing inside the deepest parts of a person’s heart no matter how they are acting, what they are doing, or how unkind and even allowing me to see within me also the deepest parts of me that have needed healing…..


My whole view of others has changed…I see the good, the bad and the ugly, but in all of that I still see the potential, the hope, the sadness, the truest intentions if there were not so much pain within these people….you see I always thought that others should do as they are expected to do without question….I was taught by my elders to do as I was told(that was hard at times) and although I “tried my hardest”, sometimes I just did not measure up….but what the Holy Spirit has taught me in all of this is that it was never my “job” to “try to do it on my own”, but with God’s help and guidance within me…


You see I now truly realize that God lives within me……always has…..He has always been there to guide me, but I was too busy listening to others and what they would say is best for me……


Do you know what “responsibility” truly is?  It is the “ability to respond”……Some people had such lives and were never taught or guided to develop the “ability” to respond…even those who have had great childhoods have something that holds them back and to be honest they might not even realize what that is….even looking deep within myself, I found what held me back, but I have now also found what “pushes” me forward… is “LOVE”… is the “LOVE” of God within me and my desire and want to LOVE like he did and still does….


When you find this within yourself, you will find that you never look at people again in a selfish and uncaring way, but you will see them through the eyes of Christ and what he sees is not what we as humans see…Beneath all the fear, heartache and anger is a child that was born to love and be loved….and that is what I desire to do now, is to find the child in each person I guide and help them to grow into the adult God knew they could be.   Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!


P.S.  I no longer judge because if God were to have judged me in my youth or in certain periods of my life, I would not be here, nor would I enter the Kingdom of Heaven…but He didn’t…..He looked and found the hurting child within the adult and He loved her back to wholeness…I hope you all find the same.

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God’s Grace & Mercy


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