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Leave The Past Behind: Let Your Future In! :)

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Today I wanted to talk about “living in the past” and “letting go of the past”…..we all have painful memories from our past….the key to that is to take those memories and learn from them and give them to God to heal, so that our future can be based upon a healed and positive heart and mind and not holding us to our past which we cannot change….so today I wanted to share a Joyce Meyer excerpt on her take of “Letting Go Of The Past”…..Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!




“After Moses’ death, the law allowed the Israelites thirty days to mourn.  After those days were completed, God told Joshua it was time for him to take his new position.   It was time to start moving toward new thing.  Joshua would miss Moses, but he knew he had to obey God and move on.  There is a proper time for mourning those things that we have lost or that have come to an end.  But, ultimately, we must make a choice to start living and making progress again.  We all have a past, but thank God we all have a future—and a good one, according to God’s Word.


Because Moses had done many things for Joshua and the Israelites before he died, they needed to learn how to handle new responsibilities after he died.  They may not have felt prepared to step out into new things, but God knew they were ready.  It is actually a good thing when we do not “feel” ready, because then we are more likely to totally lean on God.  If we feely self-sufficient, God can’t really use us.


New things always seem frightening, but soon they will become old things, and God will  have another “new thing” on the horizon of our lives.  We need to grow accustomed to stepping out into new things.  The more we do, the more we realize that we don’t have to be comfortable to be obedient.  In order to take hold of a new thing, we must let go of the old and allow ourselves time to get acquainted with the new.  I believe that when God reminded Joshua that Moses was dead, He was encouraging him to let go of the past and press on.  I encourage you to do the same.


Remember the good things from your past, but do not get stuck there.  God is always doing a new thing!  When God called Abraham to a new place, he did not even think about where he was to go.  He simply trusted God because he knew God was faithful.  Do not be afraid to release and walk away from what God is finished with;  He has wonderful new things waiting for you!

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