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Leave The Past In The Past! :)

Leave The Past In The Past

Faery Blessings:

A long time ago a wise man told me that if you are sad or down then you are living in the past which has already happened and cannot be changed...if you are anxious then you are living in the future, which has not happened yet and then you are not living in each present moment and enjoying it to your fullest....then 30 seconds later you are in the future and out of past and to stop and ask yourself what you missed in that 30 seconds of staying present in the now??? That was eye opening for me as long ago I used to allow myself to have so many regrets or sadness from the past or I would be anxious about something that had not happened yet, yet I was fearful would, but when I started living in my "now" moments I found much more peace than I had and I still live by what that old wise man told me....I hope you find a way to do it is life changing truly...enjoy today's message from consciousreminder .com and Be Blessed!

"A lot of people are living proofs, and they testify how one can be captured in the claws of the past. Signs which show that you are living in the past are many, but you need to be strong enough to recognize them.

A woman who has lost her husband, has experience with living in the past, and she confessed it in public. She was caught between ‘what ifs’ and worse ‘if onlys’. But this woman is very strong, and has succeeded in freeing from the past, and started to live in the present, to keep track with the time.

In addition we are enclosing the actions which you should use, in order to live in the present.

1) Don’t escape the moment:

Life is a battle, trying not to face with the reality will cause you bigger problems. Facing the fear will hell you to overcome it. After dealing with every issue, you will be stronger as a person, and you will appreciate every minute spent in the present.

2. Embrace your pain:

Everything that life serves to us, is served with a reason. You should embrace that and move on. Pain and suffrage are part of life, and we cannot avoid them. They makes us stronger, and enrich us with experience.

3. Ground yourself:

No matter what your problem is, you need to stay grounded. In order to achieve this you can go outside, put your arms on tree, focus, and feel the object, analyze what you are hearing and feeling. You are here now, and there is no other place that you need to be.

4. Project a better future:

What you are surviving now, will make you a stronger and smarter person. You deserve a better future, so with new experiences you are capable enough, to reconstruct your project for your future. Don’t be anxious, make your dreams become reality.

5. Remember what didn’t go wrong:

Experience is the best thing that you can get from your past. Learn from the mistakes, and try not to copy them in the present. Think before you act, and you will build your life as if it was an empire.

6. Welcome new joys:

You need to get free from the claws of the past, and let happiness to enter in your soul. You should give yourself another chance, and move on with your life. Live your life fully, for yourself and for the people around you.

7. Make necessary changes:

Changes will make you to stay in present, not to lose yourself, and to stay focused. Eliminate the fear from new things, change your job, your home, meet new friends.

Break the monotony down. Once you do this, you will see how all of the pieces in your life are getting into their place. And it is really satisfying to watch, believe me."

God's Grace, Mercy, Peace, Love & Abundance Be Upon All Your Days

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