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Let's Talk Nomophobia: It's Hilarious! :)

Faery Blessings:


Let’s talk “Nomophobia”….I can’t help myself but todays message is really funny….and it is now trying to be introduced as an actual disorder….what is it you say?....It is people who are afraid to be away from their phones…it actually gives them anxiety and stress….YES it really is….look up the definition lol


I was watching my minister this morning and she was talking about that word and disorder and I actually could not believe it…..I used to be a “nomophob”, but now I live my life not from my phone, but from my heart and throughout the day I check my phone and keep it handy in case one of my children call, etc….but it is no longer my life…..


Between me and my husband we have 9 children….he had 3 boys and 2 girls….I had 3 girls and 1 boy….out of all of them about 6 of them are “nomophobs”… oldest daughter would suffer a heart attack if you took her phone….my son could care less, most of the time he will tell you he doesn’t know where it is…  middle daughter went three days without messaging any of us and responded back to us and I went to her house to check on her to make sure she was still alive, so she’s not… youngest daughter used to be a “nomophob” but not so much anymore, but hers is mostly for music and headphones…..she would not die without it trust me… oldest stepson has to have his for business(he owns a car lot)(not a nomophob)(I just love this word now lol), his oldest daughter uses her phone for work so necessary….his youngest son has to have his phone or like my oldest would have a stroke lol….his middle son is hit and miss with having a phone at all so no problems there….his middle daughter is also hit and miss on having a phone, so no issues there….so I guess it’s not bad that we only have over half of them that are not…lol….


I just felt the need to post this today for those who think their phones are their life….anything can be an addiction and they are also trying to get this “nomophobia” listed as an addiction…..can you imagine how much therapists would make if it gets in the manual of mental health for a disorder or listed as an actual addiction? LOL…maybe that is why they are pushing it….if over half your time is spent on the phone and it is not for work, your children or necessary, but just to check to “make sure you did not miss something” lol, then you might be addicted lol


Just wanted something a wee bit less hard on the reading and more of something that could make people laugh today…..I still play games on my phone, but it is no longer attached at my hip like an extra appendage lol


Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed! And remember to “Enjoy Your Journey”

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Gods Grace, Mercy, Peace and Love Be  Upon Your Lives


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