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Miracles & Healing: Thy Will Be Done! :)

Faery Blessings:


I grew up believing in miracles…..I was raised to believe in miracles and healing…..I had such a vivid imagination as a child and was sometimes dismissed as too imaginative…..I would talk to my imaginary friend who I now believe was my wee ones and angels…..I remember I would talk to the animals(squirrels, rabbits,  and even a spider that was in my sandbox one day)….again let’s say I was dismissed for having an over-active imagination….I didn’t mind what others thought of me, I enjoyed myself all by myself with my imaginary friends and animal friends….anywho…


I remember being told to ask Jesus for anything in his name and it would be given to me…..At my young age I thought that meant that I would ask and it would simply appear….not so much the case….as I grew and began to communicate more and more with my faeries, God and angels and animal friends I began to realize that everything has a season…..and not everything we ask for do we receive and that is sometimes due to God knowing in advance what is best for us in the long run, thus the saying “Thank God for sometimes unanswered prayers”…..sometimes he is just protecting us from ourselves….


Anywho….I learned after many, many lessons and tries, to ask for what I wanted or needed, then add the “Thy will be done” statement to each and every one of my prayers and requests……and I would ask for the grace, strength and peace to accept whatever way he answered that prayer or requests, trusting that he knew always what was best for me….


Yes for a while I was a selfish little thing and threw my temper tantrums when I did not get what I wanted…I even once called the people who taught me to ask for what I wanted and I would get it “liars”….lol….But in all fairness to them, that is how they were raised to believe….and for some reason they were more accepting of it when they did not get what they asked for….lol


Over the years though I have learned that sometimes we ask for something, then instead of just turning it over to God to deliver, we get our hands in it and try to help God along in getting it to us….and I learned that when we do this, that God kind of steps back and says “OK, let’s see what you can do with this?”….and we make a mess out of it and then we cry out and blame others and God when we don’t get it…..


I have learned in all things to be content, knowing that if it is God’s will, what I ask for will come to me but if it is not His will then it won’t and I have learned that when God says “No”, that with that NO he also gives me the grace, strength and courage to move onto something else instead of wallowing in self-pity for myself….


The greatest four words of prayer I have learned in my life that always works for me personally is “THY WILL BE DONE”….not “my will be done”, “give me what I want right now”, or “having a hissy fit when it doesn’t happen”….lol….you get the picture….so today ask yourself…..”What am I asking God for and just expecting Him to deliver” whether it is good for me or not….or do I need to learn how to ask for it and then say “Thy Will Be Done” and trusting Him to do what is best for us in the long run…..enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!

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God’s Grace & Mercy


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