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Muscles: Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Ones! :)

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Let’s talk “muscles”…..I have them, you have them, some people’s are bigger, some are smaller, but we all have the same muscles…what’s the difference between the ones whose muscles are developed and the ones who are not?  Exercise…Yes that’s it… man/woman’s muscles have to be used to grow and to be strong….so let’s take that one step further….instead of just physical muscles, how about the mental muscles(how we think?) How about the heart(feelings) muscles?  How about our “spiritual muscles(the ones that make us strong in faith, courage and wisdom)?  Let’s break it down…


Let’s talk mental muscles……we go around as humans trying to logically figure out “why” this or that happened…..why they act that way?.....why I feel down?.....and most of us get to the point that we think our way right into a paid psychiatrist with medication following to slow down or correct the unhealthy thinking….”RIGHT?”….I know that it is right for me personally because that was the first road I took…the “mental” road lol….I got off that road and tried another road…guess which one?  YEP “the emotional” one….let’s talk “emotional muscles”….


I tried to develop my “emotional muscles” because my “mental muscles” failed me..well maybe if I learned to “love” more, treat people differently, don’t talk out of my feelings everything will be ok…well for me personally, that did not work, because I became so “NICE” that I began to get “run over” by people who saw my kindness and love as weakness and turned it on me…..YEP that road didn’t work out so well either because back to the Doctor I ran to spill all my woes out to them(and therapists are not bad), they do help you sort out what is wrong with “YOU”(as in me personally)…..I would grumble and complain about how bad people were treating me and my therapist pointed out “how I allowed them to treat me that way”….I went from one extreme to the other….I was just everyones puppet then because I didn’t want to make anyone mad….I went from a mental extreme to an emotional one…but OH when I developed them there “spiritual muscles” I found my balance…..


Let’s talk “spiritual muscles”… see “seeing” a therapist is not bad….it actually did do me a lot of good….it showed me where my thinking was wrong, my way of interacting from a place of my emotions could hurt me….but the spiritual muscles tie it all together to make the heart, mind and soul come into alignment so you are using the wisdom of the spirit, the Holy Spirit to tie it all together…and you know the directions I used to exercise my “spiritual muscles”?....It was the Bible, but not just the Bible, I began to read books from various Christian authors(people who had already been exercising their spiritual muscles) who explained how to develop those muscles in such a way that I understood….the Bible in some ways can be intimidating(I know I grew up in church every Sunday(morning and night), Wednesday nights and every night of a revival….and even in that environment it sometimes felt intimidating to me….so much so that when I got old enough I ran away from it all…the Bible, my church, the people in my church, just left it all behind….thinking “I KNEW” what was best for me… above to see where that got me, emotionally and mentally)….so when I started watching my favorite ministers teachers on TV, I began to become a student of “relearning” what God, His Word and his “message” for me personally was….and boy did I have an awakening…Instead of trying to follow and do what other Christians did(which if they are strong and wise and Godly Christians then it’s ok), but me and God developed a “personal” relationship with each other….so now when I read His word, I don’t do it out of obligation, but I do it out of a love for Him and to hear His thoughts(The Bible is God’s thoughts put on paper)….God was an Author of the “bestselling” book of ALL time….and now with all the different interpretations(and I just love the Message Bible….talks like you and I talked today…..there is no reason not to get to know the Mind and Heart of God.


You see once I started reading and learning and listening to the heart and mind of God, my mind no longer controlled what I thought….my heart and feelings no longer ran the show….but my Spirit, the Holy Spirit, guided me through each and every day…and that guiding, lined it all up with God…heart, mind and soul…I am one Happy Spiritual Being today because of it…


Not trying to be preachy or convert anyone to what I believe….I am just a girl, sharing my story with you all….enjoy todays message and BE BLESSED!

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God’s Grace & Mercy


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