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Not My Will, BUT Thy Will Be Done! :)

Faery Blessings:


Let’s talk –Not My Will, But Thine Be Done--…..This means not my way, not my preferences, not my pleasure, not my style, not what I wanted, not what I liked –BUT—Thy Will Be Done Lord!


I was watching my favorite minister today when he said those words above and they really stuck with me…..I was thinking how many times I wanted something from God, but then did not want to do it His way but I wanted it my way and in my time…..for a long time it was not easy for me to say “Thy Will Be Done” and I still have my days, but for the most part it is getting easier when I have figured out that most times my way has not worked, but His always has even if I had to wait….and in the wait I am learning to stay at peace and remain hopeful in His promise that all things work out for them who love the Lord….


I have also learned that in order to allow His will be done in my life that I have to function as well…I can watch my favorite minister all day long and be so happy to hear the message, but when that is over can I do something about what I have learned….Things that make you go “HMMMM”.


I have a granddaughter named Charley who no matter what you are doing she will say “I watch you”….If I am cleaning, she says “I watch  you”…..If I’m cooking she says “I watch you”… is just too cute…..but don’t we do the same thing with God or our favorite messages we get from the ministers that God speaks through….don’t we say as adults “I watch you?”…..this leads me to the next food for thought?


After “watching them” do you function, as in do you get up and do something or sit there and continue to just watch and never move…we were built to function…..if I were to build a house out of my own hands and had many friends there with me and they are just “watching” me, am I going to get it done as fast as I could if they would “function” and help me instead of just “watching me”…..when you learn to function instead of just watching it gets easier to say and stand by the words, “Thy Will Be Done!”


We live in a “watch me” generation….a generation that wants to learn from others and up to a point that is a good thing as they learn and grow, but once they have learned and grew and graduate then it is time to get out in the real world and “function”, do what you learned to do….


What if Jesus had said, I’m not going to do this…I am going to sit back and “watch” and see if someone else will step up and get beaten and go to the cross?  I can tell you, “IF” he had done that then none of us would be enjoying the life in the spirit like we do now….so if Jesus had to “do” and “function” and he was the Son of God then don’t you think “we” are suppose to “do and function?”


So today ask yourself, are you doing and functioning or are you still drinking “milk” and just watching….


Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!


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God’s Grace, Love, Peace and Hope be within your lives



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