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Perspectives: We All See Things Differently! :)

Faery Blessings:

Today let’s talk about “perspectives”… know we all see things differently from our own “perspectives”…..two people can read the same book and come up with different “perspectives” of what it meant for them personally…..


So let’s look at other things we see…..a woman has a baby and she breast feeds then decides to bottle feed….the older generation thinks “now that is just wrong, she should breast feed that baby”…..another generation behind that woman thinks “I understand, I did it for as long as I could, it hurt”….and the mother in this generation thinks “I tried really hard”……let me tell you what happens when the mother in this generation starts listening to the older generation with their perspective…..the mother now starts feeling guilty and feels like she let her baby down…..yep, now you see the difference?


The older generation mother did not mean to hurt the mother, she was just stating her opinion from a place of what they had to do…back then they did not have formula, you either breast fed or the baby didn’t survive so in her point of view she should have to go through what she did, “hurt nipples and all”…but as each generation grows, trends change and sometimes the older generation does not want change….but the thing is we should embrace change…..we should listen to our own bodies to tell us what is good for us, what hurts us…..


Another example…..there is this huge convention going on at an arena….the convention goes through without a hitch and is great for some….the security people are like, “no one got hurt, there were not accidents, nobody started a fight” and to them that made it a great convention…..another group the bookkeepers went through the books and noticed that some checks had bounced and it took away from the profits of the convention and they thought “it would have been better if these people had made sure the money went through, now I have to readjust the books” to them it was not such a good convention… the speaker “who developed a sore throat during the speaking” thought, “It was  a good convention but my throat is sore and I made it through” so he thought a “so-so convention”….the people who attended the convention listened in awe as the speaker spoke(totally unaware of his sore throat) and came away from convention feeling “enlightened and awakened within themselves”….to them it was a total success….Can you see how all of their perspectives differed yet it was the “same convention”? 


That is how real life is….we all have opinions, we all have our own perspectives, but in no way should we view our perspectives and opinions as the “only ones that are right”….we need to be more open in how we see and view people….we need to really listen to their needs and even if we have an opinion on how the older generation did it, just maybe we should keep that to ourselves and speak from a place where we know we are not hurting but helping the person…we are not saying lie, we are saying speak the truth from a compassionate place….


I have been known to speak straight out of my mind and react instead of waiting on God and then respond, but God has been working on me with that….now I take a moment while listening to what people are telling me instead of just spouting off my personal opinions….God knows what is best for that person and if you listen closely enough you will hear the story behind what they are telling you and then your “perspective of them” might change as well…..Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!

 Just to see for yourself, show this picture to people you know and ask them what they see versus what you how many different "perspectives" of what others see, same picture, different view personally I see a woman calming herself "getting ready" to take on that great big world she is looking out at... :)

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God’s Grace & Mercy


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