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Physician Heal Thyself! Look Within Yourself To Heal! :)

Faery Blessings:


I have so many people who tell me….I will believe it when I see it……I will believe it when he starts treating me better…..I will believe it when they change…..MY OH MY….do you ever have a “LONGGGGGGG WAIT”…you see it is not our job to change people, that is God’s job…and nagging someone does not make them change…oh the pity parties I see people having because “someone” is not acting the way “they” want them too…and the more they act the way that is not wanted, the madder the other person gets and believe me hanging onto that anger only hurts you while the other person is like “I just don’t understand” and truly some people truly “do not” understand why “you” feel  the way you do..


Long ago I was this jealous and insecure person with my husband(whom I love with all that is within me)….they were not his insecurities and he honestly did not understand why I would go off the deep end when he knew he was not doing anything wrong….it must have been so hard for him to stay with me with me always accusing him every day for things that were only in my imagination(in my mind)…my past history of being cheated on clouded my current relationship and I was “comparing” him to all the men in my past who had hurt me and took it all out on him….how tragic and sad for him I now see…and honestly after God and Holy Spirit opened my true heart to see the damage I caused him, I will spend the rest of my life “doing mine and God’s best” to make up to him all the damage I caused him on top of all the damage his childhood did as well….we are healing together and believe me it is a beautiful thing for both of us….


You see what I had to do was go to God and ask Him to help me forgive those in the past who had “hurt” me and took “advantage” of my kindness and love…and to realize that the pain they caused me came from the pain that was inflicted on them at some point in their lives… now I look back and I see peace and forgiveness and a reason for every single one that hurt me….it wasn’t to punish me, it was to give me strength to learn the lesson which led me to the perfect person for me who could take my pain that I was releasing on them and instead of hurting me back, simply looked deeper and loved me anyway… see I always thought I was the strong one in my relationship with my husband, but looking back “he” was always the strong one who stood by my side and continued to love the “damaged inner child” within me, knowing that when my healing was completed he would have his best friend and wife that loved him with “ALL” her whole and healed heart…..He had “faith” and didn’t even know he was using it lol…..If anyone knew my husband you would totally understand where that came from on the him “having more faith” than me….hehe….


So today…..just ask yourself….”Why do I need to change someone else?”….Is it for them or is it for me?.....Do they really need to change or do I just need to accept them the way they are and let God do the changing?....Can I challenge myself to look beneath the surface of their actions and find the true heart of that person that was not born this way?.....Do I dare trust God and angels to do what is necessary in both of us to bring us together in a healthier way? see, most of us only see the faults of those we love….but we don’t see the “beam of wood” in our own eyes that needs to be removed and healed….”Physician heal thyself” is not just a saying from the Bible…it is a call to examine your own life before you dare to know what is in anothers true heart… ask God and angels to “heal thyself” first(Luke 4:23) and then the person you are trying to change will appear in a new light of what is true about them…Be careful, you might not like what you find, but trust me, God can heal it all….Enjoy todays message and Be Blessed!

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Gods Grace & Mercy


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