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I have always been a fixer……wounded birds, stray animals……you get the picture… when I grew up as an adult instead of birds and animals I tried to “fix” people….never understanding that until they are ready to be healed(fixed) all I can do is pray and listen….so over the years God has taught me to back out of situations or with people that I have done all I can do with….He has taught me how to “choose my battles”…..just an example here….lol….My husband used to leave his clothes on the bedroom floor and it would frustrate me because he did not wear them the next day but he would say “they are not dirty” but instead of putting them up like two spaces down in the dresser, he would leave them on the floor… was a place of strife with us for a long time(yes small thing we know now lol) and it was in this small thing that God  began to show me how to “pick my battles”… my strength for the battles that would matter….lol…I get it now and so today when I was in my Bible, I saw what Joyce Meyer had written about “Choose Your Battles” so today I wanted to share that with you….enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!

P.S. Did I mention I am also a licensed minister and can come across as preachy at times....I apologize if that offends some, but I am also a Gemini and find it hard to contain what I feel I need to is why I give others the option at the end of my emails to opt out if they would like....and it doesn't offend me if they do....and no I do not block them, I put them in a special folder that says "Opt Our Of Email" enjoy and have a Faery Blessed Day! :)




Acts 6:2-4 teaches us that it is not wise to be involved in everything that is going on around us.  Instead, we should select our activities cautiously so we can remain calm, cool and steady in life.  I often refer to this as “choosing your battles carefully.”


There are many things I could do at my office that I have learned to stay out of and let another qualified person handle.  Previously, I wanted to be part of everything that happened, especially the problems.  I learned the hard way that I simply cannot be involved in everything;  too much is going on for me to do that.  I pick my battles now, and that has greatly increased my level of peace.


I firmly believe that God provides for whatever He assigns to us.  He will make sure we have all the people we need to help us, but it is not their fault if we will not rely on them.


If you find yourself trying to do something and you do not have the help you need, you might need to ask yourself if you are doing the right thing.  Why would God ask you to do something, then sit by and watch you be frustrated and miserable because the burden is too much?  God meets all of our needs, including the people we need to work alongside us.


Acts 6: 2-4 gives an example of this act of wisdom.  Had the apostles not recognized their need for help, their priorities would have remained out of line and their true assignment unfulfilled.  They  would have ended up frustrated, and just like the people they were trying to serve, they could have lost their peace, and therefore, their power.  It is quite possible that the loss of peace was what triggered their decision to ask for help.  This is an excellent example for us to follow.”

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God’s Grace & Mercy


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