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Pride & Arrogance: Break It! :)

Faery Blessings:


Let’s talk Pride and Arrogance…..Pride cometh before a fall….God hate’s a proud look….if you look at all the scriptures in the Bible concerning pride you will see it is one of the few  things that God “hates”….and when we are “prideful”, God will begin his work to break us….He will break us both inside and on the outside….and just like we don’t like having to discipline our children and it sometimes breaks our hearts and makes us cry, the same goes with God… hurts him and he cries….but He knows that as His child he has to do what it takes to get you where you need to be….


Listening to T.D. Jakes today he said that “arrogance and pride” go together…people who are arrogant usually began with a huge dose of pride and he will cause them to “fall” and “fail” and failure is something that will usually bring us to our knees, telling God “I’m gonna get it this time, I’m gonna be more disciplined this time” but there are those who have no sense and there are still some people who still don’t break….They are down on the ground and still arrogant and still prideful, and that is why those people still get broken over and over and over again because God says “I’m gonna break you until you get it”….WOW right?.....God says “I’m gonna break you till you cry, I’m gonna break you till you humble yourself, I’m gonna break you until you stop worrying about what you look like and what people think, I’m gonna break you and I’m gonna break you and I’m gonna break you until you fall down on your knees and say “Yes Lord I surrender, I don’t care what it looks like, I don’t care about my image, my soul says Yes, my mind says Yes, my heart says Yes, My Will says Yes!”  I’m gonna Break!....There is nothing God likes to break like “Pride”! 


God will break your money, he will break your family, he will break your heart, he will break your children, he will break your marriage, he will break your health….he will tear it all down to break that pride and arrogance….so you have to ask yourself a question?  How much or what are you willing to lose so you can keep your pride?  I don’t know about anyone else, but until God broke my pride I lost way more than I ever wanted to and it took me way longer to get it back than I wanted it to….now when God whispers to me “is that pride I smell on you?”….man I go to my knees and say “If it is Lord, get it off me please”… does not take as long now to let my pride and arrogance as it used to….experience and too many failures have shown me it’s not worth it, not for even a little bit….


So if God can’t break you from the inside(which is what he tries first), then he begins to break you on the outside….I kind of look at it like this….if you surrender you get to say when, where and what you want at times, more times than others, but if you don’t then it’s like God puts you on a time out and says “Now your gonna wait”….now your on “MY” time and I got all the “TIME” in the world lol….and always He gives us Free Will…which today will you choose?  Surrendering or Pride and Arrogance?  He will let you choose but He will still make you face the consequences of the choice you make….


Enjoy today’s message and  Be Blessed!

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Gods Grace & Mercy


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