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Real Faith Or Jacked Up Faith? There's a Difference! :)

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Let’s talk “Real Faith” or “Jacked-Up Faith”……yes there is a difference……You see we all have desires and some of us were raised to believe, that if I want it bad enough and I pray and I work myself up in positivity and keep saying “it’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine”….we have to continually say over and over, it’s mine….that is mustering up enough faith to get it…but did you know we don’t get everything we desire…..most of us believe that if we pray for our desire, that we “will” receive it….Now come on T.D. Jakes said “You know everything we ask for is not holy” lol…..Don’t act like you think everything you ask for is “holy”……or that everything you desire is “yours”….


For example:  My granddaddy was a preacher, so I am a preacher….it might have been expected of you but that don’t make it yours….you might live in a family of doctors or lawyers and it is expected of you but that don’t make it yours… might be expected be a CEO of a large company, but that don’t make it yours….you see what is yours is what is on the inside of you….it’s never just on the outside of you….if it’s in your “spirit” then it will evolve into your physical reality….so you can pray all day long, jack yourself up and tell yourself “It’s mine, I’m gonna be a preacher like my granddaddy, but it won’t happen”, not unless you feel the call to preach on the inside….if you do it because it is expected or because you feel obligated to do it, then it’s not yours……


Now let’s talk “Real Faith”…’s the kind where you ask for it, you believe for it, noone’s told you it’s yours except God… see, just because moma drove a buick doesn’t mean you should just to impress her….just because momas a counselor doesn’t mean you have to, etc…..(I’m using myself as the example here)….you see I have 2 daughters who are nurses(no one in our family was ever a nurse), one who has worked at the same “performance motor shop” for almost 15 years(no one in our family ever did this), one of my children counsels like I do(didn’t tell her she had to or it was expected of her)….but you get the point… children followed what was best for them and if they didn’t then that is because it was their choice and not mine… see I personally believe that if it is yours it will come easier than having to fight your way to it…yes there will be times when it is difficult but real faith gives you the patience to get through those times because deep inside you feel it is yours…and I know that if you find something you want to do because you love doing it and would do it for free if you had to, then that to me personally is a calling..


I love to talk and type….I love to help people…..I love to give people advice(when they ask now, not so much pushing it on them anymore)…..I have done it for free, but then God led me to be able to do it and make money….how cool is that? And work out of my home….How cool is that? And make my own hours….How cool is that?


You see real faith for me is to ask God for something I desire and then I pray “If it be thy will”….you see I don’t want God to give me anything that He knows I cannot handle…Real Faith comes with a peace in your soul that cannot be explained….it is what Jesus called “peace that passeth ALL understanding”…..all hell might be breaking loose around you, but you just feel so peaceful, knowing the outcome is going to be what is best for you in the long run, down the road….


But we live in a generation of “I want it and I want it right now” lol..funny but true….God still lives in a generation and never changes and if you trust him and have “real faith”, he will give you what is rightfully yours in His time and in His way….so today ask yourself…..Do I have “Jacked-Up Faith” or is my faith the “Real kind of faith”….I can tell you that believe it or not, the Real Faith is much better…..Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!

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God’s Grace & Mercy


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