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Rushing Waters Or Gentle Waves? You choose :)

Faery Blessings:


Let’s Talk “Rushing Water, Gentle Waves”…..This message came to me while looking out over the rushing water of the creek below my home after a Flash Flood in our area…it never gets above the bank as we are 40 feet above the creek, but it gets pretty high….but as I watched the rushing water my eyes were drawn to the bank on the other side of the creek and around all that rushing water were “gentle waves” washing back and forth on the shoreline across from our home… that moment I was in awe of what God can do all within the same element…


You see the rushing water had parts of trees that had been washed from the banks due to the influx of sudden water, but yet on the other side of the bits of trees floating down the river was just gentle waves washing back and forth and I thought of the times in my life when the water(emotions) seemed to be rushing all around me and I felt like those bits of trees being washed away….I used to get anxious over the smallest things, but now it takes some pretty big things to keep me in that rushing water, being swept away by my emotions…you see I made it to the bank…and all that had been washed away from the bank was necessary to be removed from my life, but after the storm and the emotions subsided and I was laying on the bank to the side of all those anxious, rushing water/emotions was this gentle washing over me….back and forth like a refreshing waterfall….now I can bathe in the banks beside the rushing water and feel safe in the arms of God, knowing that no matter what happens in my life, he will always get me to the bank of safety….and if I do things his way, I won’t be caught up in the rushing water and swept away by my emotions, but I will be guided to the bank of safety and held in his loving arms, under the wings of angels, while all the rushing water out in front of me is kept from me and all I feel is the gentle waves washing over me…and in his peace I am still and I know that He is God and no weapon formed against me(whether emotional, physical, mental or otherwise) will ever prosper in my life….


God gently reminded me that the choice was mine alone which emotions I chose…..I could choose to get “swept” away in the rushing water with my emotions which eventually would take me to unknown places(no one knows where the debris ends up that gets washed away during a flood) OR I could choose to make my way to the bank with His help and simply be and lay on the shore while He allowed the gentle waves to wash over me and heal me…I choose the gentle waves of healing versus the rushing water of turbulence in my life….I hope you do the same.


I just wanted to share that with you all today….Enjoy the message and  Be Blessed and Enjoy the Gentle Waves and ask God to bring you to the shore of them….And remember  to “Enjoy the Journey”


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Gods Grace, Mercy, Love and Peace Be Upon Your Lives


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