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Time-Outs And The Truth! :)

Faery Blessings:


Let’s talk “time outs”… when you first read this you thought about your children(if you have children) and putting them in a “time out”…..and yes we as parents do this to give us time and space to figure out our next move…..and the “timing” is important too….I was reading somewhere that how you choose how much time to use on the time out is to figure their age into it… with a 2 year old about 2 minutes is all they can really sit still lol….so I am 54 years old , so any time out God gives me would be almost an hour… let me explain about God and him putting you in time outs….


Just like actual children sometimes need a time out to regroup and rethink what they did, so do we as adult children of God sometimes need time out before we make choices or do things that could harm others with our words or actions…I was made aware of this today as for the last few days I have felt somewhat agitated and do not know why and would push myself to continue my day without a thought of “why” I felt this way, knowing that this agitation was not from God….so today before I could write anything I had to sit for almost an hour in silence and listening to his word on my audio bible and I chose the book of Luke… the book of Luke, he does not tell us what Jesus says, but what Jesus does…


Upon watching my T D Jakes today he said, it’s not what you say that counts but what you do……so that in and of itself made me stop and contemplate that I could talk all day long and make people believe and see the light of God’s word, but did my actions prove what I was saying or was I just blowing hot air out of my past experience…..I asked myself, “Do people see God in my actions?”…..for the last few days, probably not as I was on edge…so I had to adjust my attitude, ask God to forgive me and get me back on the right path of not only talking but doing what I talked about to others….


Today I wanted to share that with  you as well as something that was brought to my attention while researching my daily “word of the day” and today it led me to a Hebrew site that came up ‘Dvar-Elohim’ or the “Word of God”….and since the Word of God are God’s thoughts on paper, I thought it only fair to share what I found on this website in search of my Word of the Day…..and which caused me to realize I need to go deeper in the Word and stop drinking just the milk, but to get into the “meat of His word”! 


So today I took my “time-out” from God graciously and with an open mind and sat in His presence to hear what He had to say to me…..and He also showed me in that “time-out” that I become afraid to speak “His” “Truth” and that I should be bolder in my communication with others concerning Him…..often I do hedge from revealing all that God tells me to tell others and I am finding that this is not “His” way but my way and a fear within myself that is afraid of how others will take what I say personally and get upset with me, but God has shown me that I have to tell the “whole” truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God…..So here I go on this new journey of the whole truth with God……


Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!



Taking Time Out

We should all take time out for the Lord. There should be no such thing as we haven’t got enough time as there is nothing more important in our life than him. He created this Earth that we live in, including us. Time could be spent studying the bible, reading sites like this, quietly meditating, praying, trust me, you will notice a difference in your life, I promise.

The Truth

Though it’s important to discuss things with other believers, it’s important for you to be able to discern whether what they are saying is truthful. Also, it’s important to be strong enough to withstand it if they should tell you your view is wrong even if you are adamant otherwise. Stay firm to the truth.



God’s Grace, Mercy, Love and Hope for you this day


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