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What Hado/Hados R U Sending Out? Yes I said "Hado/Hados" :)


Faery Blessings:

And the "wows" just keep coming for me.....I had never heard of this before in my life..."Hado" was powerful reading this and made me want to shift my thinking even more...I always try to keep a check on my thoughts as you manifest what you most dwell or think on(positive or negative) so this article made so much sense to me...this has been happening in Japan for a long time...they have a different name for it, but it fits so well in today's world what "hado/hados" are you sending out today? I know I'm gonna focus on today's message from DailyOm and Madisyn Taylor....and Be Blessed!


"The study of hado tells us that the energetic vibrations from our thoughts affect our physical realities.
Walking through a Japanese garden, one truly feels the life force energy that is known as Hado. Hado isn't just present in Japan, but it is a concept that has existed in Japan for centuries. The two Japanese characters that make up the word Hado mean "wave" and "move" - perfect words to describe the energy vibrations that permeate all life. Hado is present in all things, animate and inanimate. It resides everywhere, even in the air and in people.

The study of hado tells us that the energetic vibrations from our thoughts affect on our physical realities. Each of us has the ability to manifest a specific intention through the hado that we send out – from making our jewelry shine to changing the atmosphere of a room full of people to transforming the hado of an empty space. However, we are often unaware that our thoughts are creating vibrations in the world outside our minds. Once we know that this is the case, we can become more aware of our negative thinking and train ourselves to stay positive and think with intention.

Giving thanks for a meal before we eat can change the energy of our food. Expressing gratitude by thoughts or words makes a huge difference to both the giver and recipient because you are sending them hado. A kind smile really makes a difference when you work consciously with hado. Once we become aware of the power of hado, we can create positive changes in every area of our lives: our physical space, mental and emotional health, relationships, and businesses. One of the most important principles of hado is to monitor your thoughts and intentions every day. Enjoy the improvements that you will create in your life and the world around you by consciously working with hado."

God's Grace, Mercy, Peace, Love & Abundance Be Upon Your Days
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