Can an Empath’s Sensitivity Hurt a Relationship?
What exactly is an empath, and have you ever encountered one in any type of relationship?

An empath is someone who is hypersensitive or extremely sensitive to their surroundings.  Empaths are overly sensitive to another person’s emotions, feelings, pain, and intentions; sensing energies or energetic fields (auras) is another aspect of the conditions that an empath encounters in their everyday lives. 

     These individuals have a heightened sense of awareness in regards to their surroundings, especially concerning the people that are within close proximity to where they are located.  The closer an empath is located in relation to another person’s energetic field, the more vulnerable the empath becomes.  However, not all individuals are harmful to these sensitives, and not all sensitive people are affected in the same way that other sensitives might be affected.  Regarding relationships though, romantic and non-romantic, if an empath does not have their ability under control, it can definitely become detrimental to the essential foundation of the relationship.

     Most empaths have a propensity towards forming particularly strong connections with other people.  Sometimes to the extremity so that the empath has knowledge of certain aspects or feelings about the other person they’re in the relationship with.  Some of these empaths feel that they should not have had the knowledge regarding certain aspects of the other person’s life.  Many of these empathic people wonder what they should do with the information they have received.  This information can affect the way the empath understands the person they are in the relationship with. 

     Should the empath form judgments based solely on the information they have received from their empathic abilities?  The answer to this question is no, but it is a bit more complicated than a simple no.  Forming an immediate judgment based solely on the information received can cause problems within the relationship.  One of the reasons these judgments should not immediately be formed is:  the information an empath has received could have come from another individual that might be within the vicinity of the person the empath is in a relationship with.  However, an empath that has been using their skills for a long time will be able to tell the difference between energetic fields; distinguishing between the possible sources of information. 

     A person who has recently come to terms with the notion that they are an empath, does not have the necessary skills to enable them to distinguish between the sources of energetic fields.  These newly found abilities, and the lack of knowledge about how to utilize them, are the source of much hurt and pain in establishing relationships with those who don’t have empathic abilities.  However, with much patience and determination, a newly found empath can acquire the skills needed to distinguish between the sources of energetic fields, in order to develop healthy and long-lasting relationships. 

     To begin with, practice meditating and focusing on a particular image.  While focusing on that image, imagine the energetic field surrounding and emanating from the image.  Feel and see the energy from this object; see it entering into your own energetic field or aura.  Once it penetrates your aura, let the energy from its field produce sensations or tiny vibrations within your body.  Notice how this feels- does it feel warm or cool?  Does it leave an impression of a color?  Do you notice a particular emotion related to it?  Do not allow another energetic field to penetrate while the initial field is in place.  Once you have accumulated the information from the initial field, then you can sever the connection, write down or remember the data, and move on to the next energetic field.  Practice this several times each day, and you will soon be ready to form a relationship without confusing energetic fields.
Blessings and Love , SirCheo
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