Speaking with Spirit

Speaking with the Spirit

Those of you who have read my bio and know the name of my blog know that I speak with the Spirit. Some of you may wonder what that means so I have decided to tell you what I learned from the wonderful people who work at the Cayce Foundation, the A.R.E.

It is time for us to become more spiritually aware. Only in this way will we be able to reclaim the earth and bring it back to its healthy glory. Only through the Spirit and enlightenment can we never be alone.  When you begin to look within, you will need a few key steps to Spiritual Guidance. We can all receive guidance from within.

How does spiritual guidance affect you? If you have been traveling in a certain direction and, all of a sudden, you take an unexpected turn to another direction then you have followed your inner guidance.

·        Sometimes the spirit can be felt in your physical body. (a gut feeling)

·        Sometimes it shows itself through imagination and creativity

·        Sometimes it comes to you in a dream

·        Sometimes the sign that comes to you does so in the outer world; something that is meant to be.

·        Sometimes the sign comes to you from someone else

It is spiritual guidance because of how it touches your heart and mind, even your soul; not because you believe it to be a sign from God.

Some people receive their spiritual guidance from Nature. They believe that the great Gaia, our earth mother spirit, is guiding us daily if we will only look to her. These people are those who have tried to voice to us the truths that we must follow in order to save our earth, our world, and our selves. There are many ways to become one with earth’s harmony. We just have to be open to the spiritual guidance. This following of nature is not the same as Wicca. Wicca is also a nature centered religion. There are two different branches of the religion. One that dwells on evil and one that dwells on good; as with most religions. Nature worship is called Pantheism and is the belief that God is part of all living things in nature. Many religions are based on this belief.

Others get their guidance from the sky and follow the stars as they change position. This is astrology which is in itself a type of religion. It is a belief that everything happens in its own time. Like the words in Ecclesiastes, “For everything there is a season.” These people are looking forward to the great harmonic convergence that will occur 12/21/12.

·        Taoism is a Chinese spiritual philosophy that is all about THE PATH.

·        Buddhism is all about morality

·        Christianity has a belief that centers on God and Jesus and the third part of the triumvirate, the Holy Spirit.

However the Spirit speaks to you; know that it speaks the truth and that you should follow. Never shut down the voices that speak to you unless they tell you to do something evil. The voices that would teach evil are not from the Spirit. These voices are from the other side.
Blessings and Love , SirCheo
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