The end of 2011 -- Your Sagittarius Lover

Your Sagittarius Lover is an adventurous person and always is looking for his/her space. He/she doesn’t want to be tamed so if it is your goal to convince him/her to commit you will need to make a convincing argument that no one but you can full fill his/her desires, hopes and dreams. This is a time to make certain the Sagittarius in your life sees you as the culmination of his/her hopes and dreams. You will need to build on your strengths together to accomplish this in the next 30 days. Sagittarius is an adventurous sign. You might have a few problems to overcome in the bedroom before you will get a firm commitment from Sag. Remember that a Sagittarius is twice as likely to consider you “just a fling” as other signs. He/she will flit from relationship to relationship before finally committing.


LOVE SIGNS, while not always correct, can assist you in understanding your Sagittarius lover.  He or she is quite well suited to Aries where the biggest concern in a long term, lasting relationship will be compatibility in the bedroom. Taurus is a great companion for a Sagittarius but even he/she may draw the line at some of the bedroom adventures planned by the archer sign. A Gemini hookup can be a lasting relationship if both are committed and willing to work for it but it will require dedication and work in the bedroom (where Sagittarius always shines and takes charge).

Cancer cannot hope to have a great and lasting relationship with a Sagittarius because he or she will always have to be the one who compromises what is really desired. Find a LEO and you will find a perfect match for our great master of the bedroom, Sagittarius. This duo is a match in every category and has a great chance at success together. If you are a Virgo, forget any hope of a lasting relationship with this sign.
He/she will drive you nuts long before you decide that the relationship is one that has to be dissolved. It is best not to waste your energy trying to teach a Sagittarius how to please you because that is not at all on his/her agenda. LIBRA has the ability to keep Sagittarius’ interest as well as have a long term relationship if they both want one.

 Each will turn a blind eye to the other’s adventures because they will consider their relationship a safe-harbor where they will always have a home. It will require work but it will never be boring. Let this relationship drive itself and see where it will end up. Scorpio will want to rule the roost and Sagittarius never wants to have to toe the line for someone else. This makes a relationship difficult between these two signs as both always want to be in total control and neither is likely to make many concessions.

The biggest attraction between these two is raw sex and that cannot sustain a relationship for very long. Sagittarius and Sagittarius: SEX is the only thing that two Sagittarius can count on. It will be wild and uninhibited but it won’t be lasting. The worst of Sagittarius will be revealed when two of them get together. Capricorn is always cautious and quite straight laced in the bedroom. This does not set well with Sagittarius who may decide to make love in a stopped elevator that is caught between two floors. Aquarius is a great companion for Sagittarius.

This is one sign with perfect compatibility for the great archer. Pisces and Sagittarius are great in the bedroom but have nothing together when the sex is over and you’re out of the shower.
Don’t waste your effort trying to convert this relationship to a lasting one because it will be fraught with problems (except in the bedroom) from the beginning.

12 love signs to travel through with a Sagittarius Lover and only a few have a chance at a lasting relationship with this volatile and innovative sign.

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