Twin Flames VS Soul Mates:

Twin Flames VS Soul Mates:

Similarities and Differences

With the current impact of New Age and all the intense waves of knowledge coming our way in this ensuing Aquarian era, a lot of people are “awakening” to the energetic and spiritual ties between us. Terms like “Soul Mates” and “Twin Flames” are practically used on a daily basis and are becoming more and more accepted by the mainstream. But sometimes, we tend to use these terms a bit too casually, without acknowledging their true essence and meaning.

Unfortunately, a lot of disinformation regarding Soul Mates and Twin Flames is thriving on the Internet, usually due to the fact that people are either posing as experts to make money out of it, or the individuals uploading the dis-info have simply not conducted the appropriate research. I will attempt to analyze what a Soul Mate and Twin Flame really is, how they differ and what common ground they share. 

What is a Soul Mate?

 A Soul Mate is exactly what the word itself suggests: a soul that incarnates in order to find you and guide you, as a true friend would. Soul Mates are two souls that meet in every incarnation, until their mission is fulfilled. This mission varies for each of us and nobody other than you can dictate what it is.

Your Soul Mate is not one, but many. Perhaps you have already met one in this lifetime, perhaps more. There is no limit when it comes to Soul Mates. When you meet a Soul Mate, there is an instant attraction towards him/her, which does not necessarily have to be a romantic one. This person may end up being your lover, friend of spiritual family – maybe even a bit of everything, their point being to guide you in any way they can. Simultaneously, you are guiding them too, and perhaps you are spiritually mentoring others as a Soul Mate.


What is a Twin Flame?

The Twin Flame theory, often confused with the Soul Mate interpretation, goes a long way back to the Ancient times, in which philosophers, mystics and gurus would attempt to analyze the soul’s derivation and essence. Myth and religion have also attempted to do the same.


The Ancient Greek philosopher Plato has probably made the closest assumption as to what a Twin Flame or Twin Soul is. In his Symposium, Plato describes a race of humans that are both male and female, with four arms and legs, two faces and two sets of genitalia. However, when the humans became arrogant, Zeus split them in half in order for one half to yearn for the other eternally and this is how the theory of Twin Souls came about.

A Twin Flame is the utter and utmost completion a soul can desire. Finding a Twin Flame makes one feel whole and complete, loves unconditionally and feels right at home. There are no real fireworks when encountering a Twin Flame; you simply feel perfect, harmonious and happy and think “mission accomplished”.


The Similarities and Differences

1)     We may have many Soul Mates, but only one Twin Flame.

2)     Soul Mates guide us towards finding our Twin Flame. A Twin Flame, on the other hand, is just there, waiting.

3)     A Soul Mate can be a Twin Flame and vice versa.

4)     Both Soul Mates and Twin Flames reflect a sense of completion.

5)     Both Soul Mates and Twin Flames usually appeal to us romantically.

6)     Soul Mates can appeal to us romantically, but a lot of them are really spiritual family and/or friends.

7)     You may encounter a Soul Mate hundreds of times in your incarnations, but the Twin Flame may only appear once.

8)     A Soul Mate guides towards completion while a Twin Flame IS completion.

Whether you have identified a Soul Mate or Twin Flame in your current lifetime, do not attempt to change who you are because of them. We tend to become better human beings in this case, but altering who we are because of love or infatuation is not the way to go. Finding a spiritual tie does not mean that you should detour or give up on your journey. A real Soul Mate will never allow you to do that, nor will a Twin Flame steer you away from your dreams.

Stay true to your path and your journey. Your Soul Mate and your Twin Flame will acknowledge that and be by your side, enjoying the ride with you.

Blessings and Love , SirCheo
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its really intiriguing.....i enjoyed reading this article!!!!
How can we tell if the other person we feel so strongly connected with is our twin flame?

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twin flame relationships - looking in a mirror and learning about self. Begins with a magical bang! Then things may get tricky as twins are tested to burn off karma:
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