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5 Steps to Better Psychic Listening
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If you have ever watched a good psychic read, there is a sort of head tilt, where the readers eyes close, or look up to the side, as they listen to their clients question.  This is "Psychic listening," where the reader is processing what they hear within, as well as in the voice tone, words and energy of the seeker. Rarely does a good psychic blurt with out processing first.  A Psychiatry session is much different then a Psychic Reading although both depend on listening.  A Therapist, listens, more than speaks, and asks questions of the client. It is part of the traditional patient/Dr method for emotional healing.  A private Psychic session, usually, is when the client asks questions of the Psychic reader, who gives their intuitive "feel" on the subject.   In most cases, it is the reader that does the majority of the talking and the client listens.

5 Basic Rules For Psychic Listening

1} Value the Client Relationship.  Truly want to Listen. In the vocal tone lives an entire story.  You will not hear it, or feel any energy but your own, if illness, worry or a bad day obsess you.  Discipline yourself to listen.  Your seeker chose you over other readers.  Honor this. Schedule times to read when you are at your best with the world.

2} When the reading session begins, don't try to respond until the client has finished talking. Don't blurt or hurry them.  Refrain from pushing them to ask their question.  When they ask a question, repeat it by asking,  "Is the question you are asking ________? "   If need be, help your client to word their question. Repeating the question they ask you, confirms you have listened, and understand what they want from you.

3} Each client, and reader, has their own unique style.  By truly listening, and not judging an unfamiliar culture, style  or accent, you are free to communicate effectively in a rewarding and friendly conversation and reading. 

4} It is easy to get lost in one's professionalism, and forget how to be  human and friendly.  Your client will return if you learn to relax with them.  On the other hand, it is  important with some professional career clients, seeking a reading, to allow them to point out your flaws and tell you that you are wrong. Just listen. Don't get angry. It is likely this is their way to save their ego.  They seek "upper hand".

5} Really listen to the tone of your clients voice.  In it lies the energy of their spiritual life story.  Acknowledge you are hearing them with small responses.  Don't analyze.  Just listen.  You will be able to read better, know the emotional flow of your client, and when to wind your reading down.  All of these suggestions can be used by both client and reader, as well as in our every day lives with loved ones.

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