The Feng Shui Gypsy

An Adult Picture Story Book by Sister Othelia on helpful tips for Dating, Intuition, Tarot and Life.
Coffee with a Psychic..the friend you'll never see
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She remembered the year she cultivated a family of Psychic Sisters and Brothers.  With a warm cup of coffee in hand, she began to seek a kind faceless voice who would not recognize her on the streets.  She liked the safe boundaries of these Psychic friendships. Sometimes she would talk about her career, other days her love life, family and frustrations.  On occasion, with a glass of wine, she would just chit-chat and ask questions.  In time her Psychic Friends knew her story well.


She grew up with the people that she loved and trusted most, turning evil and hurting her.  She cried a lot. Inner despair attracted cruel lovers.  When the first nice man came in to her life, instead of seeing him as a blessing, her personality changed.  She raged, she criticized, she screamed, and saw his sensitivity as weakness.  All of her life she had wanted a man just like him.  From the day he ran out the door, hating her, she hit the psychic lines.  She made many psychic friends.  As long as she did not call the same one too often, they remained accuratly correct.


When psychics become coffee brothers and sisters, it's a beautiful thing.  The danger of calling a psychic too often is knowing too much about a clients personal day-to-day life, a reader becomes saturated with "too much information."   In most cases, a client hires a psychic to get an unbiased reading on their romance, life or career, to explain the  "whys" and "what nows" without bias.  This way a client gets the "real picture" despite their emotional attachment to the subject.  The risk of calling the same psychic too often in one week, like your family and friends, is they don't want to hurt you. It's natural for friends to not want to hurt friends.  This may actually change the accuracy of a reading.


Therefore having two or three favorite psychic friends, is a good way for consistent accuracy by not visiting the same one too often.  Boundaries of distance keep things fresh.  Give as little information as possible before the reading.  Save your story details for afterwards.  This allows an Intuitive Worker to shine their best.


It is important for clients to know that calling a psychic is not like having a fairy god-  mother. They can not make a lover return, create a job offer or make depression disappear. No percentage of accuracy is going to change a clients life or financial situation. Your Psychic, along with reading on your questions, should be able to offer suggestions and, if allowed to be honest. it is important a reader be compassionately firm that they are not a replacement for mental health therapy or counseling.

When a Psychic gives a sugar-coated reading during a clients despair, it may feel good for them at the time, but cause a good person to hang on to a bad situation.  The client always has free will.  In the long run, the psychic who gives flowery readings too good to be true, will be the Psychic who is condemned if the seeker makes a fool of themselves, self-destructs, begins to stalk or commits suicide.

A Favorite Honest Reader, and a Favorite Professional Counselor, is a Beautiful Thing!  A reader can bring forth "topics" they see in their client, to take with them to their next professional counseling session.  Professional Talk Therapy may take months and even years to bring forth information seen in a reading. From a pivotal moment of truth, a professional mental health counselor can begin the process of true healing.
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