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Embracing Disaster - Personal Growth
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For all the blessings I have in my life, I have come to find my worst disasters helped me to stay cool in the face of tragedy.  The time alone and abandoned in a bad marriage, years I worked in a packing house as a single Mom to raise a child, and I won't lie, being with bad boys with all the same first name, {who even looked alike!} Times I sat on a bar stool beneath an oven vent, smoking in despair, until I realized no love was better then bad love; or at least until I learned to move on from my own cookie cutter addictions.

Through the Desire for Change

Its through the desire for change, and to believe that I must survive, one day something popped.  And I mean this.  It was as if the bubble of self inflicted alone, disappeared, and blessings poured in.  I was free, my fear of getting too close to other women friends, became relaxed, and I no longer analyzed everything to death.  I no longer looked for the cracks in life.  I embraced less is more.  And more actually began to happen on its own!  More analyzing, more self protection, more over pleasing had become so ingrained in me, I forgot to catch my breath. 

Gardens, three published books, my studio, Intuitive work, a new marriage, and becoming an Animal Rescuer, I redeem my past slaughter house work. Blessings flowed in. I never saw them coming!  But I will not forget how to embrace disaster.

Tough Times Enrich Our Lives

I feel enriched with the tough times I have seen in my life, knowing that eventually, the tide changes.  Disaster has enriched my ability to read without judgment, as I have seen just about every up and down that life has to give.  There will always be Ass Holes, and there will always be Angels.  Challenges are like little karma points.  In the process how we adapt, is our choice alone.

We Are All On a Life Path

As an Intuitive Light Worker, I realize that my life path came in tides of struggle. Every rough time was a lesson to learn from, to share as a life teacher, to give insight with compassion.  I have learned when to take my bitch pill. For all of us this is true.  May you learn from your pain, embrace the struggle, move on, and grow personally.  May you be free.



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