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Five Signs You Have Met "The One"

Love tends to hit you like a semi-truck when you least expect it. When it does, here are five signs that you have met "The One".

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1} "The One" will go out of their way to make you feel confident about yourself.

2} "The One" often will blurt the same exact words you do at the same exact time. This is proof there is an intuitive connection between you both.

 3} "The One" instinctively "knows" you and does the small things you need and like without being asked, {in or out of bed}.

 4} "The One" feels like an old friend. You feel comfortable with each other.

5} "The One" feels like a team effort, and together your minds make clear, effective decisions.

7 Questions I Can Answer with a Love Reading

1} How do they feel about you?
Does "the one" feel the same way you do?

2} What are their intentions for you?
People love for different reasons. This question digs into the needs and issues that brought you both together.  Knowing "the one" completely, is also about knowing when and what to ask during intimate bonding conversations

3} What do they need from you?
Is there any one thing you can offer emotionally that "the one" has not told you?  And importantly, what  do you need from "the one" you have not spoken of  that misleads or confuses them?

4} Is there a future for you both, why or why not?
Whether strangers in the night, untimely soul mate connections or lovely divine perfect timing  "the one" does not always come along when its convenient. Is there a future for you both and if not what would the reasoning be?   

5} What is the energy that works in this bond?
What energetic quality brought you and "the one" together and makes you click?

6} What energy blocks this bond?
What energy is creating distance and is this a pattern related to your past or theirs? 
7} Are they worth your time and effort?
No one can tell you what to do, especially a reader.  The future is changeable ALWAYS according to your wise actions. So this question will be answered by me, but with you making the final decision.

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