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Got March Depression?

There is no real cure for March Depression. For many, work seems slow, stagnant and unprofitable. Small problems seem huge, loneliness is amplified, taxes are due, and even pets seem to suffer and look bedraggled and listless.  Its called Cabin Fever in the cold regions. Spring is so close.  The occasional storms become unbearable.  The heating bill sucks away your fun money and rather then walk the dog  in cold or rainy weather it seems easier to drive to the store.  And whats with those extra pounds of flab that have piled on?  {Never mind that the urge to eat becomes amplified when depression sets in. Right?}

The weather will become consistent and warm, flowers will bloom, work picks up and you will feel like exercising again.  Most of all you can get rid of all those bulky sweaters and boots.  Pretty shoes and Spring clothing will bring fun and adventure into your life.  Suddenly everyone seems to stare at who is in the next car, checking out who's on the streets, or jogging in the park.  And all of this of course encourages creativity, self esteem, tightening up, losing extra weight and love.

Its typical to head home in a March blizzard, or end the day stepping into grey slush.   Even Psychic Advisers feel the effects when nothing seems to satisfy many March clients.  Please know it's going to be all right.  It truly is. 

An Easter Celtic prayer by Saunder Lewis speaks of the time before the light, when being shut in creates a feeling of hopelessness, and encourages us to see hope in the depression before Spring:

Cherish the dark’s obscurity
Look for the diamonds in debris,
Thank God for all His mystery

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