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How To Ask a Question { false advdvertising your true self?}
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The purpose of asking a direct question is to receive a direct answer. Whether in love, life or a Psychic Reading, cut to the chase and get to the REAL issue bothering you. Remember! No one is judging you as much as you are of yourself. Hiding your true intentions, behind the image you want others to see, is false advertising. In a Psychic reading, it's a waste of your money. Spit it out! You have nothing to hide with us. We take your faults and imperfections as a breath of fresh air.


When a client is afraid to expose who they are, energetically, they create an iron bar fortress around themselves.  Most of the time these are the people who believe they are too difficult for psychics to read.  In truth, they don't want to be "read," any more than they want others to know who they are in daily life.


  • The single mom or dad in a new relationship, afraid to expose the fact they have children.  {When the new lover  realizes there are kids involved, they run.} THE REASON:  False Advertising
  • The new car owner in hopes others will see them as successful, can't pay their rent or pay for a date. {Their car gets towed away on a credit card cruise} VICTIM?  False Advertising
  • The person who hides their intentions of romance, by "acting" like a supportive friend. {When they expose their true feelings, and other distances, they feel misunderstood and used.}  REASON:  False Advertising.
  • The iron clad masterful macho man, who flirts with women, but wants a boyfriend. {Can't find love and confuses every one}REASON:   False Advertising

Ever notice how popular people get attention by telling it like it is?  People love people who talk about the bad things THEY themselves go through.  It gives license to not be perfect.  Body image, finances, embarrassing moments are refreshing.


It is frustrating when a client is hesitant to be truthful, and their aura of iron bars comes up.  A reading can take a confusing essence as mixed messages and two images come through at once.  To cut through the "stuff," it may take longer for an iron bar aura client.  As long as Client is patient, a great reading can still happen as their authentic self is tuned in to.  Here are some questions to make the reading easier.

1} Will one of the job applications I have applied for, hire me?  I am especially interested in the company _______.  What was their perception of me?

2}The inheritance my father left the family in his death, is creating disputes with my bothers and sisters.  Will this be resolved?

3} How does _______ feel about me?  What are his intentions for me?

4} The number address of the house I want to buy is "529".  Will the seller and I agree on a price? What is the house energy like?

5} How does my boss feel about me as an employee?  What does he need more from me to get a raise or promotion?

6} Will my dog, "Soldier" be alright as I go on vacation?

7} Will the move to the state of ___________,  bring positive change in to my life? In what ways?

8}My name is_______. I need an emotional tune up.  Just tell me what comes through around me.

Whether in daily living or with a Psychic Adviser, being honest and up front takes courage, but saves on time, grief, money and yes, you will be loved even more for your imperfections.

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