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Impulse Choices - From Bad to Worse
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When stuck, frustrated, bored or lonely, watch out for Impulse Choices.  They hit you with a sudden panic in the form of irrational behavior, binge eating, internet shopping, too much marketing or settling for less.  The result is the same.  You hate yourself in the end.  Especially when the weight piles on, the monthly credit card bill comes in, or realize trying to keep a business alive,  your marketing cost is far more than you have earned. Impulse choice is when you go back to an old dysfunctional relationship, simply because you were lonely.


Probably the most difficult task in life to learn is discipline.  Knowing the "Pause" is at times a life saver in making an impulsive choice that will lead to a huge regret, and is a powerful tool.

@ The pause means taking a walk, waiting until the next day to decide, refusing a high pressure sale until you have checked your finances, or learning how to say "No."

@ The Pause is thinking before blurting emotional words, refusing to embarass yourself or make an enemy with an angry reaction in a family, marriage or work setting.  As the great Mya Angelou said, "At times when expected to voice an opinion, I simply smile and look wisely into the eyes of the crowd.  It is amazing how everyone believes you are on their side.  Before I would have said the first thing that came to mind and made enemies."

@ The pause is learning to wait and see what tomorrow brings, before assuming that nothing will ever get better.


  There is a huge difference between procrastination, and the pause.  The pause works for those likely doers, that jump the gun, and often refuse to sit back.  A Procrastinator makes a life long ambition of putting things off.  For the procrastinator the pause is a way of life.

@ The Procrastinator puts off all things that become pressuring to them.  The closet that needs cleaning, the health that needs improvement, the dog that needs walking, the job that needs changing, the abusive relationship that needs leaving, are all unbearably pressuring choices to make. So they do nothing. Learning to just do, instead of avoid, creates miracles.

@ The Pause is for those that can not bear stagnation or emotional stress, and sabotage themselves by doing anything, other than nothing, making their situation even worse.  Learning to Pause saves the embarrassment of bad choices.

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