The Feng Shui Gypsy

An Adult Picture Story Book by Sister Othelia on helpful tips for Dating, Intuition, Tarot and Life.
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you aspire to be "known" you need a power person.  Professionals will gain fame and recognition by knowing one.  Whether you are taken under the wing of a power person,   marry one or have an agent that carries power, their influence carries a powerful punch to the career.  Even the lone wolf's complexity will be seen as "inspiring" and their gift gains
notoriety.  Here are some personality qualities of a power person you may want to look for:


Beyond knowing the right people they can depend on, who ever and what ever they allow into their circle must be trustworthy and share the Power Person's focus.  What or whom they focus on can not be mediocre but give them a return by making them look good and enhance their brand.  Seldom will a power person multi task and risk a mediocre job. More likely they will do one thing at a time to reach the desired outcome until that job  is finished. If what you bring to the table is of excellence, they will give you their time, support and focus.


Powerful people strive for excellence. No matter what they pursue they understand mastery in performance is everything and that money is a by-product of the value they offer.


Powerful communicators know how to ask questions and without saying anything about themselves, gain trust by being open and present to the answers given back.   Powerful communicators remember names, and realize the way to a person's heart and trust starts with confirming their identity. A Power Person knows how to speak to the right people, the right way, to bring in more opportunities for you to excel.


Powerful people understand that building relationships is a vehicle towards reaching goals.  They understand the power of doing a favor without expectation of a reward, is also a way to achieve a goal. Those that consistently take without giving back will not be able to build or be a part of a power person's network. Being a part of a power person's net work brings respect, recognition and favors.


  Power people attract others with their excitement and enthusiasm.  They are driven by the potential of each day's ability towards reaching their dreams. Powerful people tend to be leaders because others are attracted to them. Loyal followers want to experience the same excitement and energy in their lives and to be a prime focus of a passionate person spells s-u-c-c-e-s-s.

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As a parent how can you encourage qualities that will help them to develop even more leadership skills?

1}As a parent, no matter what your income or job, your children download your attitude. Teach your children early from your own example that even when times get
tough better times are ahead.  Don't just say this, show through example! This way your children will see challenges as "winning" no matter how small, and as focused steps that lead to envisioned alternatives. Leaders are not exclusively from wealth, but by watching through  example and action.

2} When you lay down the law hold your kids accountable for their actions.  Allowing children to fail at times instead of doing the tough work for them, teaches them the consequences of their  own actions and decisions.  Allow them to learn at their own speed.  Children learn from mistakes as well as wins.  Don't interfere in the life lesson they learn. Discuss quietly afterwards, as a team, what the alternative could have been, and how chances to make the right choice are ahead. Your children will download your example as a diplomat, which teaches them to be good bosses and leaders.

3}Trust and Integrity lead to leadership in life, and it starts with the parent.  Kids need to download through example that you will be supportive and grounded through life storms. If the answers to their important questions are evasive, contradicting and full of excuses your children will learn "avoidance."  Through your example they need to see the importance of being a straight shooter, which they will carry forward  with employees, friends and teams in their future. They need to see your confidence through the divorce, job loss, as well as wins and see you stay grounded and calm. They need to trust that they can count on you to act with integrity regardless of the situation. Stand back and watch your power child grow and blossom.

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