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Psychic Reading Styles: Sugar Coated or Direct Honesty? Which Do You Prefer?
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As Psychics, most of us try very hard to give our clients the most meaningful, clear and honest perception of what comes through on their questions.  Whether we use a tool to reach our inner voice, or wing it alone, it's about reaching that special place of inner voice. How we deliver our message, is where you decide to return or not.

Two kinds of message styles, direct, or sugar coated. 

A Direct Reading tells you in a clear and direct way what comes through on your life, questions, and preferably, your direct reader knows how to say harsh truths in a soft way. Compare this to the friend who will tell you when you have sleep in your eye, or a dryer towel clinging to the butt of your jeans.

A Sugar Coated Reading is like visiting a Motivation Speaker.  Their emphasis is making you feel good about yourself.  This is a beautiful thing, until the promises do not come true.  When your down, they will pick you up. Compare this to the friend who always tells you what you want to hear.

No Reader can Promise Instant Gratification

The problem with Psychic Readings, is that some people see a reader as having a sort of Fairy God Mom ability to make things happen.  They can not make a hire happen quickly, they can not make someone love you or heal a dysfunctional family.  But they can calm you down, clear your head, give details and aid in making a plan to better your circumstance.  Of course you always have free will.

About time frames

Though time frames do come through in a reading, please remember, as in Einstein's theory of relativity, the past, present and future are all happening at the same time.  In other words, because time is an illusion, it is always approximate.

What else can a reading do?

A Reading can point you in the right direction, give you the pros and cons of your journey, relationship, career and in most cases, you will know immediately if what you are hearing is truth.  How? Because you know truth when you hear it, as it's based on things that have happened.  Truth is what you have experienced, and know to be accurate.  If you come back again, you had a great connection.  If you come back three times you have made a friend.

Sometimes readers make you mad!

When a reader becomes like a trusted friend, there will be times their honesty makes you mad.   When you call in a bad mood, knowing your trusted readers honesty is correct, chances are you would rather not hear it.  Remember! You are the one that came for a reading. Just like lashing out at a friend, patience is needed.  Before you write out a long revengeful review, wait at least a day and see how you feel.  Waiting one day before lashing out can bring an entirely different way of looking at things.


No two Psychics read exactly alike.  This is because each of us tunes in to spirit differently.  Add to this the many "niche" readers.  What is the same?  Message delivery: Sugar Coated or Direct Honesty.  Which do you prefer?
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