The Feng Shui Gypsy

An Adult Picture Story Book by Sister Othelia on helpful tips for Dating, Intuition, Tarot and Life.
Psychic on a Delta Plane
Our Delta plane rises into the air. Two classy women strapped in seats beside me, smile, and we settle in with books and iPads for a two hour flight to Atlanta. Before this trip my husband said "Your going to yak up a storm with someone next to you the whole way, just like you do everywhere." "No...people don't seem to do that in Mid Air like old days." I answer. "Plane flight is different now." But here I am, two young grandmas with sweet smiles beside me, politely interested as our stewardess explains how to adjust the O2 masks, points to exits, requesting we check our pamphlets on how to hold our seat cushions next to our chest in case of a crash.

"Please give our three new stewardess aboard a nice round of applause" the pilot on the intercom says. "In other words, its every man for himself if we go down." I whisper to the middle woman next to me. She giggles then calls out to a passing attendant with a refreshment cart, "I'll take a Vodka!" and hands over her credit card. Outside seat gal says "And I'll take a Bloody Mary!" Introductions are made. We laugh. The middle woman explains she is visiting friends after the death of her husband. "Just what I would do if my husband died" I tell her. "WHAT?!" End seat grandma laughs, sipping on her Bloody Mary drink.

"And what do you do?" middle grandma asks the passenger next to her. "Well I am a Travel Consultant." We say "Ohhhhhhh...what a cool job." I giggle and say "And I'm a Psychic Consultant" The stewardess passing with a cart stops dead in her tracks and says over the engine drone, "WHAT?" Did you say your a Psychic Consultant?" "Yes," I laugh, and the women and stewardess say "" Next thing I know I am giving palm readings, then Tarot guidance, and stewardess are taking turns kneeling next to our seats to have quick readings.

Tarot in the sky is a new experience for me. During the next two hours I give love readings, career readings, and a spirit reading for the widow from her husband recently passed. Middle woman cries happy tears. End seat passenger hugs her. Romance readings for the pretty stewardesses make them happy and they nod over my accuracy. Watchful, over head, passing with a stern face, a blond with bright red lipstick brings order and discipline, overseeing the plane with hawk like alertness. Time flies by.

"I will never forget this as long as I live!" middle grandma says, hugs me and runs out of the plane as it lands and comes to a halt. "Thank You" the flight attendants call to me with poised calm. Delta Hawk woman with bright red lipstick stops me and says, "I'm a paranormal investigator. Look for me in the new TV Ghost investigator series coming out! Great to have you on board." "Wow," I call did so many of us end up in one flight?" "There are no accidents" middle grandma calls back, as she runs towards her gate in the Atlanta airport.
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