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Spiritual Gardening - pull a weed, bring world change
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  In the garden, alone, like Rosary Beads in the hands, we can offer prayer one weed-pull at a time, manifesting our intent for world change.  If  a congregation gives strength, garden with others.  If physical acts of humanity validate one's presence before God, offer to care for the gardens of the elderly or hospitalized.

There is no better place to teach children of compassion then the garden. The importance of right conditions, through sunshine, rain, planting seeds, watering and nurturing gives meaning to our own life journey.   Casual, inspirational conversation on life and death is as instructive as a Sunday School class.

 And what of drought, flood or tornadoes? We learn to let go.  We see the ancient spiritual journey of man and his intellectual ability to choose alternative methods to grow and mature seeds.  Through solar and incandescent lighting, green houses, we can start new food, flowers, trees and herbs. We learn that less is not always bad and how the importance of good timing, can bring a harvest in the future.

Through future planet exploration, Spiritual Gardening will endure.

GARDEN UNITY = A thread of one color, that playfully winds through the width and length of your property, yard or garden, gives rest and a focal point for the eyes.  Go crazy with color if you wish. This one thread of color, be it "white," "orange" "dark maroon", will unite the vegetables, flowers, herbs, and play space.  Your Spiritual Garden will have unity in this thin vein of same color, which acts as a prayer or intent of calm for your Spiritual Garden. 

Blessed with all shade? Hostas add unity, peeking from behind stones, mixed with other shade plants, popped by statuary.  Let Hostas give your shade garden calm and unity.

ARCHWAYS & GATES - If you were to read the energy of each part of your land, you would find wonderful stories being told by many voices.  In earth magic these voices of stones, water, air and land are called"Elementals".  All history resonates and vibrates in the land beneath our feet. Placing an Archway or gate between the areas of energy change, psychologically "introduces" us to a mind shift when we go from "Food"to "Flowers", to "Relaxing."   Feel the balance and unity of each energy change of your garden by consciously stepping into a new "Portal" through an Archway or gate..

PATHWAYS - Like life, our days are filled with intention and having a path that leads us from point A to B, and a place to sit down or rest after our journey, are what garden paths represent.  Pathways that drop off into a limbo of weeds, or stop at a border fence, frustrates and creates unsettled sadness.  Put a chair, bench or table  at the end of your path which gives a feeling of completion.

Whether you have a tiny garden, an acre plus, a church yard or apartment balcony, through Spiritual Gardening your mind will rest after a hectic day for contemplation, conversation, healing and contentment. Be one in the vibration of a new beginning and Spiritual Growth through your Garden.


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