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Summer Houseplants, a Portal for Loving Spirits
Bring through nurturing spirits with elements of growth, joy and the soft color of green with houseplants, soothing music, essential oils, and sunlight. Add coffee, kick back and enjoy the "feel."

LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE...and that includes Spirits.

There is an old saying that if you want to see how nurturing a person is, look at the condition of their houseplants. Or as my mother once told me, "You can tell the story of a persons life by the shape of the plants on their porch." Divorce, sickness, and family crisis take the focus away from watering, and sometimes even pets suffer. Sadness and anger are magnets for negative spirit energy. A psychic can help by the way. We listen as well as give advice on what we see, which can reboot your focus.

That said my life must be pretty good as my houseplants are thriving like happy kids. I am a nurturing earth mother type and seem to attract all kinds of people, successful, struggling, famous and ordinary. It makes life interesting. A biker group may come to get a reading, but my Pentecostal neighbors trust me to care for their German Shepphard, who also loves me. My healthy houseplants are testimony I'm content. Often, the comment as people enter my studio door is "what a great feeling this place has!" Kids tend to be attracted to a bowl of pink crystals and trail their fingers through them as if "tuning in." The color pink represents caring, compassion and love. I like that.

 photo b93ec843-b55c-4fbf-ade5-7c25b51ab0a9_zpsjvtd6gm3.jpg

When I first created Lily, my succulent dress cage, it began to feel like I was entering into a different portal in my studio. The energy changed as if she went from 120 separate succulents to a mass entity. As I opened my studio door with morning coffee, I flipped on her grow light, kicked my feet up as I sat on the couch and watched intently for signs of transplant distress. She was a newborn.


As Lily the Succulent dress lay roots and settled in, I relaxed and felt as if I were visiting her house instead of mine. Coffee in hand, I kicked back on the couch and felt myself traveling back in time to an old apartment in a college town, immersed in the sweet tinkling sound of little clay chimes by a humming air conditioner, and window sills filled with leaves, vines, and cuttings from friends. That's what meaningful women in my life at that time did. We shared symbolic umbilical plant cuttings, taken miles away in life, a telepathic connection with the owner of the creator plant. Earth Mothers. Some made bread, others created fabulous art, and I was the Intuitive plant woman. Lily, the succulent dress cage, became a time machine portal for me and brought the visitation of a kind, comforting spirit essence.


Stimulated by the energy of my botanic studio, I found myself ordering exotic plants, many not found in ordinary greenhouses. "Black Velvet," "Dragons Scale", "Amazon Mask", Begonias with scarlet furry stems and seashell shaped leaves, "Prayer Plants", "Baby Tears" and "Wandering Jude" filling my Psychic Reading room. This required a plant display stand, and a Hydroponic overhead grow light. I became breathless with the fascination of watching my plants grow! The addition of coffee brings me back to younger days, and perhaps, of lovely botanical visiting grandmothers and kind unseen visitors. Still, I was surprised when with what happened next.

 photo a3ebf9d5-cf5c-449a-8419-362fb333c10e_zpswyxabh7m.jpg


From 6:00 am to 6:00 p.m. a timer automatically switches the grow lights on and off in my studio. To my surprise, the lights have been switching on by themselves at night. The first time it happened I ran across the lane in my nightgown with my Golden Lab, "Maggie." Had I made a mistake in setting the timer? I opened my studio door cautiously not sure what I would see. Would I enter the door to a party of ghost Aunties and plants sitting cross-legged discussing their last fertile greenhouse memories? I threw myself to my knees to recheck the little tabs on my grow light timer. All looked normal. I shut the lights off in my studio, and together Maggie, and I walked through the rain to our beds. An hour later my eyes snapped open again! Peering through my bedroom window, across the road, my studio was glowing in light. Once again Maggie and I trudged across the lane. My nightgown was soaked from rain and my dog, always ready for a walk with Mom, looked weary. I unplugged the grow lights and yelled "Good Night!" Funny how working with spirit makes you accept the unknown. A quick look back to my darkened studio, I went back to bed.


The paranormal is not something to be afraid of and is as much about good energy as scary entities. It appears that my new plant family is getting a mind of their own, and I don't want to stop their botanic joy. I have noticed the energy shifting in my studio in a good way. If I am to share my workplace with the activity of time shifts and spirits, I would rather soften my environment with plants, soft music, essential oils, and sunlight. Any spirit that wants to travel a portal in time to share earth-based nurturing elements of growth and the soft color of green, is a friend of mine. But from now on, I'm turning the grow light timer off at night.

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