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The Spiritual Alchemy of Art and Houseplants
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In a world of gun violence, coldness and back stabbing there is something spiritual about going home to a botanical garden of Eden.  Ever since first on my own, I became mesmerized on entering the door of an artistic BoHo with windows of cascading house plants.  It was as if the person that resided within had a sort of magical power.  Like Harry Potter in which inanimate objects can communicate, I intuitively tuned in to a vibrational language going on among the plants. Imitation is the best flattery.  I wanted to learn and become a house plant alchemist. 

Soon I realized I had what it took.  Plant people like to give away cuttings from their plants to other plant people. Its like sharing home-baked bread.  In one town, from one plant, can thrive in apartments and houses many plant off spring. 

  I could pour all my Co Dependent nurturing in to my family of plants.  While my partner was hitting the bars, I was misting gigantic Coleas, tending long veils of Strawberry Begonia  with trails of piggy backing fuzzy little babies, directing long emerald-green heart-shaped vines of leaves called Philodendron, around my windows. 

The key to creating magic for the visitor of such a place, is balance.  Whether you add an occasional prism that casts rainbows on to the walls, between the plants, or a favorite glass trinket on a window ledge, peeking through in a brilliant sun-lit splash of color, putting an equal number of plants in equal heights, on both sides of a window, gives Zen.  Suddenly surrounding your environment is a sumptuous forest of Feng Shui plant order that will help you to think and strategize your own life. 

As one gets older, and becomes accustomed to the vibrational communication between house plants, it's fulfilling to see the look on the faces of visitors, who will walk slowly from window to window in my studio, observing in the same way I did, the "essence" and "alchemy" of mixing Art and Houseplants together.

Picture: My Sister Kate waving through my Studio Arch 2017

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