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The World Through A Blank TV Screen - Tarot Channeling
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Have you noticed in the depths of the blank Smart TV screen, a reflection?
Depending on how you avert your eyes, or gaze in to the screen, much like a 3-D Computer poster, you will see different angles of your surroundings, especially if a window is close by.  You will see the neighbors next door gardening, observe the wind in the trees and who is walking down the street.  Creatively, these reflections are the fuel of Tarot Channeling, Artists, Writers, and when the world of vision opens.


In the children's book "Alice in Wonderland," a little girl watching the world of reflections,  jumps through her mirror, and runs down a path chasing a rabbit.  Seeing ones own world reflected in the blank TV screen, like a mirror, has caused some to run to the store for paint cans or move furniture around. The screen will not lie and reflects back what you have been ignoring or were not aware of.  It happens when you are in a relaxed state of mind.


The minute the 36" +  Smart Screen snaps on, you are no longer in charge of your own emotions.  Everything you watch on the live screen, is created from anothers perspective, projected as your own.  The stereophonic audio, so much a source of  companionship, can become the source of fears and tears.  This can be especially dangerous for those in advisory or counseling jobs. 

The Blank Screen is your source for neutrality, self realization and rest from a hectic day.  It is also the way most Tarot Channels read their cards, as they tell what they see on the emotions, actions and events concerning their clients.   Neutrality, like the blank TV screen, is the catalyst for inspiration, truth and inner purity. Choose the art on your cards, wisely, as you would choose a show on the live screen.

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