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What Energy Speaks through Tarot?
I was watching a ghostie show on TV.  A woman claimed she was dabbling with new Tarot Cards when suddenly a portal for spirit visitation began in her home. The TV ghost buster did not ask questions and agreed "Yes, this happens when people use psychic tools."  I was surprised. Wasn't the paranormal investigator also using "tools" in each haunted house he investigated? From  electronic voice recorders, heat sensors and video recorders, how could residue energy not be attached to his equipment? And why hadn't the paranormal investigator asked the woman what else she had been dabbling in?

 A Crisp New Tarot Deck is a Blank Slate of Benign Energy
 A crisp new Tarot deck is untainted by personal energy.  It has just been birthed by a factory printing press.  Had the woman considered the negative TV shows or video games within the home?  What attitude did the woman bring home with her after a day of work politics? Did frustration with her husband silently seethe?  These were likely the deep concerns motivating her to dabble with a Tarot deck in the first place. Which brings me to the subject of "Intent."  Were the woman's intentions as she used her cards more in line with anger, grudge, possible punishment to someone she felt hostile towards? Was she using her cards in alignment with a book of get-back spells? Bad spirits are not attracted to portals of love.

It Is Not the Tool, but the Intent and Skill of it's User, that Creates Results

I understand that some would rather place the blame of a badly built home on the tool the carpenter used rather then their skill level and intent.  A good Kitchen Cook can work with any tool and create delicious meals. It is not the blender or the knife the Master Chef uses but their knowledge and love of spices with food. The cost or quality of the computer an author writes on does not promise a best seller.  Blaming a bad outcome on an inanimate object is an easy cop out.

  • Tarot
  • The Alphabet
  • Books, Magazines
  • Numbers, Math

Though we all have Psychic Ability, like athletes, some have more developed gifts for Intuition.  Those that want to develop their running, soccer, archery or gymnastics will find with daily practice and discipline they become better. So too will the gift of Intuition and Tarot Reading with practice become stronger.  Tarot may open your mind but not a portal to the spirit world.


I call the loving energy in which I read Tarot the "Angel Frequency." It is the  "Tarot Trinity" , a combination of  Conscious, Subconscious and Intuition combined with love..  Inner voice, gut feeling and Intuition is what cavemen listened to in the Ice Age for survival.

The "thinking tool" of Religion and Psychic Reading is "Interpretation."
Interpretation is the thinking tool of Religion and Psychic Reading.  This is why it is important to choose carefully the "intent" and "energy" of the person who is preaching, reading or counseling. Read their feedback testimony. Determine their authenticity and intention for others. Negative portals of spirit do not enter where there is love.  Tarot does not create portals for ghosties.

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