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When Grandma's a Psychic
From gliding down the Airport escalator to grandkids like Mary Poppins, to the Psychic Grandma Not-to-Do list, here's how to deal with cranky in-laws, explain "intuition" to children and change your image for older grandkids. Whether you like it or not, boundaries of consideration are mandatory as a Psychic Grandma.

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I am a Psychic Grandmother.  Whether I hop a plane to the East Coast or Pacific Coast, my cards are in my bag at all times.  My air trips can be fun and interesting when word gets out I am a reader. Necks crane to listen as I look deeply into the palm of a passenger. Yearning curious eyes glitter. I have even had a few stewardesses on their knees by my seat asking for a love reading. Wonderful spiritual conversations with flying clergy have occurred. On destination, the family expects me to glide down the waiting room escalator in interesting attire, a waist-high leopard-print-tapestry suitcase on wheels beside me. The rock n roll Mary Poppins grandma-ma has arrived! Entrance impact makes young grandkids very excited.


 I will never force what I do on my grandchildren. If they are curious I will tell them. When a reading comes in by phone, in most cases I close the door behind me. If the grandkids ask me, I tell them that everyone has intuition and that their father also has the gift. He chooses not to actively use it. This is everyone's right, and just like runners, or skaters, or dancers, it takes lots of practice to develop the "Intuition Muscle". And since Grandma has been practicing for many many years, ever since she was a young girl, she is an Olympic Reader.


Not everyone approves of visiting Psychic Grandmas. Eventually, probably somewhere about the age of twelve, grandchildren may hear the opinions of sarcastic daughter or son in laws. This is when the magical grandmother's image goes from "tooth fairy" to "crackpot". At this point, I traded the leopard-print-tapestry suitcase for a smaller bag and my escalator entrance attire transformed to earthy Yoga clothing.


  • Do not give phone readings in the back seat of the moving family car.
  • Do not try to convince anyone of your spiritual beliefs.
  •  Keep your Psychic work private.
  • Do not speak about your work at meals. 
Be authentically you without the Psychic gift. Speak on anything BUT your readings. You will stay on the good side of your in-laws. Grandchildren will see that you are a normal person. Somewhere around their 20's, once they think for themselves, you will become interesting again.

 And if you are blessed, one day your adult Grand Child will ask you how they can develop their intuition. But of course, it's to stay with you and them. No one needs to know.

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