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When You Intellualize Intuition, it's Gone
Some of our best ideas come when we are in a relaxed "no thinking" moment, such as the shower.  It is no surprise that this is how intuition works.  The attempt to over think our intuition, ends up being "analyzing."  It seems impossible. How can a "gift" like energy healing or Psychic ability come from less instead of more?  Easy. Have you ever tried to learn a new job only to find by over trying you become stiff and make stupid mistakes? For many new in the reading and energy healing field this is also what happens.  Reiki becomes blocked by doubt.  Intuition closes down.  Of course the longer you are in these fields, the more going within to the calm becomes.  Next time you want to test your intuition do this:
1} Name three things you would like to do tomorrow
2} As you say them, each, how do you feel?
3} No = a tired, drained feeling and heaviness in your body.
4} Yes = champagne bubbles and a feeling of excitement.

By practicing these two simple feelings related to choices, you will become skilled at practical intuition. 

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