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Younger Men-Older Women - Old Soul Imposter?
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One day it hits you.  "Oh my God, I care for him and he's THAT MUCH younger then me?"  Maybe you start to analyze the faces that look at you both when your together, Even walking through a check out line may send the self critique screaming..  You worry if they can tell an age difference.  You worry about harsh morning light.  You may suddenly frequent the Botox and work out twice as much as you used to. And suddenly your sister, brother and friends are calling you a Cougar. While he tells you how beautiful you are you, between euphoria, common sense and self critique you are a mess.  This beginning stage is the most dangerous. Longevity depends on whether he's an imposter looking for a mother or a true "old soul". 


A true "old soul" is in their 5th and final stage of reincarnation, whether a baby, teenager or senior.  You can see a calm wisdom in their eyes.  They are very balanced and it is said they are born mentors with a birth agenda to "pass the torch".  With such an intense mission they do not stress or worry about what most humans do.  They look for maturity, calm and seasoned beauty.

"In other words, an old soul perceives every thing, every being, every moment, as part of one great tapestry."

  • Many old souls have artistic, humanitarian or philosophical outlooks
  • Many old souls are not driven and allow their partner to be who they want to be, will share in cooking, house cleaning or quiet hiking and walks.
  • A true old soul finds joy in simply being as opposed to doing.
  • Philosophically, an old soul searches for a partner to be calm, real and quiet with, not to conquest, to prove their sexual identity or turn in to their partner.


An imposter Old Soul mimics the qualities of calm, open mindedness, and acceptance of a woman's maturity and independence, as a "tool" to get into their heart or bank account.  
  • Many imposter old souls have mother issues, and go from calm to childishness within 3 months time. 
  • An imposter old soul can be manipulative in gaining gifts and money in exchange for being supportive and sensitive of their older partner.
  • An imposter old soul does see beauty as sexual identity. The older woman's aging process will soon be left when the imposter fears the spotlight is on themselves as "less".

Be aware that though you may be open minded about dating or living with a younger man, you can be sure your friends or family will not be.  They will see it as a "Conquest", or temporary insanity on your part. 

 As many women older then their younger "old soul" partners can tell you, its about common spiritual connection.  When it lasts all the paranoia leaves.   You are a part of an ever growing community.  The ignorant will call you a "Cougar" because they think it's funny, are jealous or want to hurt you.  {Let it go..}

 Your old soul younger partner will compliment your energy. If they are an authentic old soul, they will love your peaceful bonding together. A benefit is he is more inclined to help with house work and may love to cook.  The fact that he has an open mind, means he will accept your differences and you will find a common point of interest.


One of the basic rules of the Autumn/Spring relationship is that you will often not share the same styles of clothing, music and friends.  Let this be OK.

  Many younger men/older women find they become an island within themselves. Be careful not to lose your old friends.  DO spend time with them alone. 

Old friends needn't be a couples thing.  With earned trust and each others blessing, allow freedom for each other to be with less understanding family and friends. It is also important to do this to prove you are still the same person.

  The single worst destroyer of an enlightened relationship is self sabotaging inner voices related to insecurity, jealousy and social acceptance.

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