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10 Days Until....

In all the winter festivities we have an opportunity to enjoy ourselves, our families, and our friends. We have an opportunity to look back on the last 12 months and see the progress we have made and to celebrate.

Focusing on the abundance that is present in your life keeps abundance on track in your life! It keeps it flowing. Continue to do that.

And start preparing for the vision that you will make materialize your your life in 2010.

I am challenging you:

On January 1, 2010, take a few hours of your day on the first day of the year and make your Vision Board.

The first thing you need to do it start collecting magazines and downloading/printing photos you like from the Internet that represent your vision.

It is only 10 days until you make your intentions known to the Universe so they can manifest.

10 days......


To your success!



P.S. I am making myself available for those who are willing to invest in themselves and their success for 2010. I am ready to coach you in creating a life for yourself that is happy, fulfilling and abundant in every sense of the word. When you are ready to do this, send me an email and let’s get started.


L. Barrett Powell is an international coach and cultural trainer/consultant with an academic background and experience in psychology, theology and journalism. Barrett's focus is on Success  Coaching incorporating the Law of Attraction. She lives and works with individuals and inter-cultural organizations in the USA and Europe as a coach, coordinator and trainer. Contact her by email.

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