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Living in the Present, Attracting the Future, Pt II


In this second part of a two-part article on living in the present and attracting the future, I spoke about being emotionally detached from the details and the outcome when you set goals for yourself. It is not an easy task, but even harder if you do not know who to do it. Some of us are more naturally gifted at it and others of us need more information and assistance. In the first part I gave you four tips and now here are another four.

5. Speak in the present tense.
Living in a conditional state of “if” leads to depression, loss of hope, and negative emotions. Do not focus on what you will do “if” or “when” your dreams come true. Speak in positive sentences about your present situation and do that as each moment comes. In this way you are not making your happiness dependent on another person or event. You are focused on the joy in the present moment and each moment moves you to the next and the future becomes the present.

6. Be a planner AND a doer.
Planning your goals and preparing for the future IS important. Set YOUR goals, make your Vision Board and know what you want 5 years from now. However you cannot simply do nothing and expect it to happen. You must put energy into achieving your outcome. Sometimes there will be times when you must wait without seeing visible changes, but trust that things will manifest. If you spend the majority of your time planning and making lists, you are not leaving time to live in the present moment. Life moves quickly.

7. See the present possibilities.
If you see the possibilities of the present, you will see the keys to making your future manifest completely. Manifestation occurs many times invisibly, many times in ways we do not expect, and many times in small moments of time. Keep your eyes open to the present possibilities and you will be an attractive, magnetic person.

8. Take a temporary break.
If you're living in desperate hope that someone will change or something will happen or improve, you are negatively avoiding the present moment. When you realize you are feeling that desperation, chill out! Take a break in fantasyland to refresh yourself when you have been living with too much pressure, but return to the present before you forget fantasyland is not real. You will have renewed energy after your break to see the present possibilities, and that is positive energy!

Using these eight tips, you should be able to get a handle on your emotions and your actions so that you make positive progress while enjoying your current daily life. All this makes you attractive to positive energy and the manifestation of your goals. You do not have the feeling of lack when you employ these techniques, and in fact will realize the abundance of your present moment.

To your success!

L. Barrett Powell is an international coach and cultural trainer/consultant with an academic background and experience in psychology, theology and journalism. Barrett's focus is on Success  Coaching incorporating the Law of Attraction. She lives and works with individuals and inter-cultural organizations in the USA and Europe as a coach, coordinator and trainer. Contact her by email.

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