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Midlife Coaching: The Saturn Opposition

Welcome to the last article in the midlife transit series!


If you have made it to or past age 40 you have most likely experienced most of the midlife transits. Midlife is hallmarked by four major transits of the outer planets. These are:

Transiting Pluto square natal Pluto

Transiting Neptune square natal Neptune

Transiting Uranus opposite natal Uranus

Transiting Saturn opposite natal Saturn

Because the orbit of each planet differs, these aspects will occur at different times for each person. Some generations did not experience them until they were more solidly into their 40s, but as of the writing of this article, they are occuring as early as age 36. To discover when these aspects are in effect you should sit down with an astrologer for a consultation.

To summarize the nature of the planets and their midlfie transit effects:

Uranus brings sudden shocks, changes, upsetting issues situations and the unusual. Where Uranus sits natally, is transiting and rules is where you need to exercise more individuality and independence.

Neptune's nature is to confuse and obscure reality. You can end up feeling as though your existence and accomplishments up to now are worth nothing. You are faced with questioning yourself and working through things an emerging with a new spiritual connection - or you could escape reality buy delving into obsessions and addictions with sex, drugs, alcohol or lying.

The nature of
Pluto is transformaiton, destruction and control in order to create something authentic. Where you have been playing around and not being serious, you will get serious now because everything will come to ashes around you and you will need to rebuild.

When these three outer planets have finished their wild ride with you, serious Saturn joins the fray for the final lesson around the age of 44/45. The nature of Saturn is limitations, restrictions, structures, discipline, reality and resistance. These are challenging, difficult and often painful situations in our lives. We may suffer from depression, repressed anger, physical illnesses (especially bones and teeth) due to the heavy responsibiities we are carrying in life - family relationships, work situations or attempts to pursue an authentic life. Mental illness is possible if a stable base cannot be formed in life. This is where astrology works! By being conscious and knowing where Saturn is in your chart you can make beneficial changes.

Saturn Oppostion at midlife is a time to re-examine the concerns of the house(s) through which Saturn is transiting, where it resides natally and what house it rules. Saturn is The Teacher and the best way to be successful with this transit is to be a willing pupil. The first Saturn opposite Saturn aspect occurred at about age 14/15, the Saturn Return at approximately age 28/30 and now a second Saturn opposite Saturn aspect is occurring at midlife. As Saturn oppositions begin we re-evaluate and makes changes. At age 44/45 it is time to re-evaluate the past 14 years or so since your Saturn Return. What have you accomplished since age 28 that is true and authentic and can be built upon as you advance through your 40s and into your 50s? Ages 44-59 can be the most productive and creative of your life.

Saturn builds structure and is all about reality. The coming 14 year period can be very productive if you have cleared away the rubbish which has accumulated - literally and figureatuvely. Are there posessions and people who no longer serve you well? Have things come to the end of their usefulnes or has a relationship gone as far as it will go? What is blocking you and posing as an obstacle? Ask yourself which situations in your life are limiting you, frustrating you, and blocking your efforts? What is it that you cannot accomplish with things as they are? This is where you need to build a new, more solid structure.

Remember that midlife is about YOU. It may mean you must leave a dead marriage (divorces are common at this time), end a high-stress job and take up a profession that pays less but has more satisfaction, or you may choose to get married for the first time and have a child. Many woman have delayed marriage or their life path is one where marriage was not to occur until their 40s. Now they are ready for a new phase of life that will inlude finding an egalitarian love relationship and raising children as confident, educated, responsible mothers.

The Saturn Opposition and all the transits of midlife are a time of chaos. Chaos is crisis and opportunity. Beyond the crisis, they are an opportunity to cleanse our souls, and strengthen our minds and bodies. If we are willing pupils through the entire process, especially the Saturn opposite Saturn aspect, we willemerge from these approximately seven years as wonderfully transformed persons.


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