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Happy Weekend - Astrology Updates
💫Happy Weekend - Astrology Updates💫 Retrograde uranus in aries semisquares neptune in pisces in the early morning hours, creating tension between the two transpersonal planets linked to the Higher Mind and Higher Heart. There can be difficultly finding balance between wisdom and compassion, discernment and forgiveness. Neptune is eternally self-sacrificing, while uranus is brilliant but cut off from emotions. Together this is a tense aspect finding ourselves deluded, deceived, escaping and checking out. Both uranus and neptune want to go up and out- whereas the astrology right now needs to be balanced by going down and in. This is not a time to sign a contract or think you have it all figured out. Pay attention to your dreams upon waking and your intuition, be sure to do the work to discern intuition from fear or fantasy. Not all as is as it seems right now!💫 Sunday December 16th:💫 At 7:08am(mst) the sun in sagittarius semisquares venus in scorpio, creating a minor aspect between the conscious self and ego and the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Sun/venus is great for relationship and enjoyment of life. There are good things incoming in relationship and finances. The key is to be grateful, as that attracts even more of the goodness in life! Venus in scorpio sextiles saturn in capricorn at 7:26am(mst), aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. Venus/saturn is great for getting serious and focused. Committing more deeply to ourselves, partners and/or our financial abundance is supported right now. With scorpio and capricorn involved we can also get more committed to our business and financial success with awareness of the slow, steady steps we need to take to get further on that path.💫 Mars in pisces sextiles pluto in capricorn at 11:57pm(mst), aligning the lower will with the Higher Will in harmonious ways! Action taken with a Great Awareness can be very transformative right now. We can move mountains and make things happen with very little effort when the Higher Self is in the driver’s seat. Peace, Love & Light - Spiritual Advisor Jennifer💜💫🔮"aka" Jennifer Pilates ~ Celebrity Intuitive Advisor
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