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Mercury Retrograde May 26 - June 19, 2008
Mercury will be turning backwards in his home sign of Gemini. Gemini's have a tendency to get scattered anyway, and with Mercury backing up on them, many of us may find it very difficult to make a decision. Gemini (and Mercury) rules the third house of siblings and short trips. There could be problems with neighbors, and for those of us traveling during Mercury's retrograde, no matter which route we plan, we're going to hit detours.

Mercury will begin his retrograde while fighting with Uranus in Pisces. There could be a battle between the physical and the metaphysical here. Mercury in Gemini is so logical, and Uranus in Pisces is looking for an alternative spiritual path. The first week of Mercury's retrograde could also bring sudden arguments and accidents. Use caution driving.

Gemini's love to talk, and Mercury in Gemini will amplify this pattern. Once we get past the argument with Uranus, this retrograde could prove to be an excellent time to hash out and re-discuss past behaviors. Mercury retrograde is always a great time for ghost hunting, and Gemini will increase the frequency. There could be lots of messages coming through from the other side, so take notes!

Mercury will also switch from being an evening star to a morning star (for those of us with clear enough horizons to see it) as the Sun and Venus cross him. From June 6 - 9, even though Mercury doesn't know which way to go, Venus, the Sun, and Mars will be reassuring him. We may get lost, but we'll have fun in the process.

Mercury will turn around (direct station) on June 19. Mercury's direct station is usually the most difficult day of the whole retrograde, and this day may be especially difficult with the Sun and Venus at a standoff with the Moon and Pluto. Not only will Mercury bring miscommunications, Internet problems, and travel problems around that day, there will also be lots jealousy and fear in our minds. Some could be rather passionate around this time, and sex could be a driving force.

Mercury will traverse his retrograde from 21 degrees to 13 degrees Gemini. So, now its time to check your natal charts. If you have any planets or power points between 11 and 23 degrees in Virgo or Pisces, this retrograde could bring delays and obstacles (depending on the planet). If you have any planets between 11 and 23 degrees in Sagittarius, you may feel like your optimism is drained. And, if you have planets in the same degrees in Gemini, you won't know which way to go. Or at least, you may want to postpone any major decisions until Mercury is moving forward again.

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