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Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus

Just when we thought the retrograde madness was over as Mercury turned direct Friday in Leo, the big kahuna Jupiter will go retrograde this week.  Now before you scream or pull your hair out of your head, Jupiter is always benefic regardless of whether or not it is direct or retrograde.   For those of you that did not listen, I will wait while you super glue your hair roots back into your head.

So, how do we work with Jupiter retrograde?  First, let’s describe what Jupiter does in the horoscope.   Simply put, Jupiter is our enthusiastic faith that although life may be difficult our situation will improve.  When we hear phrases such as, “this too shall pass,” or “the glass is half full,” the words of Jupiter are whispering in our ears leading us to look at life in an optimistic way.  When Jupiter is direct, he is the great explorer leading us towards a vision of life being better, and provides us with concepts and philosophies that allow us to continue to have belief, faith, and enthusiasm about the dreams of a better tomorrow.  When Jupiter is retrograde, he is still beneficial and does not affect us in a personal way as the inner planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) do.   Instead, Jupiter tends to simplify things that we have learned, philosophies we have studied, and education we have received and apply it in an applicable way to our lives.  Our attention moves from a focus on outer expansion and moves us towards inner growth.

Since Jupiter is in Taurus, our finances become an issue that we need to dress on the inner level rather than the outer.   We can use this retrograde period – which lasts until December 25th – to ask ourselves what money really means to us, and are we spending our financial resources in a way that gives us what we need, yet provides the energy of money the respect it deserves.   This could not come at a better time with the world being in a financially turbulent period and much of it involves our belief that “instant gratification” is the name of the game.   Our real values will become important to us during this transit, along with the need to find more useful and beneficial ways to deal with our money and be introspective about the reasons we purchase what we purchase.   For many this will be a great conflict, as we often make purchases based on a momentary need to fill a lack or a void in our lives rather than use our financial resources to build something meaningful and more aligned with our inner philosophies.

In other astrological news, this should be a great week after the havoc caused by Mercury retrograde.   Although Mercury is still in shadow and we are repairing the damage of the last several weeks, we will find that our communication will be easier and our difficulties with electronic devices will lessen.   The astrological aspects for the week are all amazingly positive as the Sun trines Pluto, Venus trines Jupiter, and the Sun trines Jupiter at the end of the week.  This is really a great week for achievements, financial improvement, as well as deeper understanding of what we truly want and desire.

Tarot Tune-Up:   Get out your tarot or oracle decks.  Shuffle your cards.   Ask the following question, “What can I do to improve my relationship with money?”   Draw three cards from the deck.  Let me know what you pulled!

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