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To help others understand how the 21st Century works as a rogue stylish enigma!
Blogging with a Twist
Life is twisted and cruel and at any given moment it can turn to something positive and loving along with kind. There are so many opportunities that life presents you, shows you the signs and the ways. It's up to you to recognize what is in front of you and how that looks forward as there is no rear view mirror in life, unless you want to live in the past not the present creating opportunities towards the future. It goes with my quote there are seven days in a week but someday isn't want of them. Seize the moment before it's too late and passes you by without you taking advantage of what the world has provided for you. Sometimes it's easier to feel dead than alive but you must change the way you think and continue forward as there are great things in front of you one step and day at a time. Do right by others and they in return will do right by you, karma is real and the truth not most often but always comes out. Live right, live free and love with all your heart as one day you might not have that chance. Take risks, dance in the rain, play in the snow, take road trips, live life to the fullest and don't let it pass you by. The most important thing is don't let someone take your power or your life and be you - you be you! Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith, Hope and Love
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