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To help others understand how the 21st Century works as a rogue stylish enigma!
The Divine Mystic Jypsie
My heart is heavy today with sadness in what is going on in the world today on a civil level. All the young generation wants is peace love and happiness for all mankind. The motto is let you be you and accept and love all no matter what stop hatred, stop violence, stop ill intent, stop the lying and start loving. Remove hatred from your world and replace it with love in your heart and those around you. Then we have the next generation and all they want is to make sure we start doing things in the world the way it should be the things we got away from taking life back to the basics and stopping corruption of the world as they once knew it has vastly changed. Then you have the baby boomers to whom are now your elderly, and can you imagine how the times have changed for them from when they were young. The generation gaps we have in understanding each of our own dynamics is so in-depth that I highly recommend everyone come to know their heritage, culture and creeds. It's better to release judgement then it is to make judgement on others as each generation is so different. The key to understanding the world better is communications being such a key factor in all things especially love. Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith, Hope and Love
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