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Your Name and Your Word
When we look at life we are all so caught up in material items, surviving and working hard but what are we really working towards. Money isn't happiness its the root of all evil so they say. We have to have it to survive or in order to thrive either way it's monetary. When you get to the end of things whether that be life, a relationship, the day it doesn't matter you only have two things in life that count besides the bonds you have made. You can't take anything with you so when you come to realize that it comes down to your name and your word and these are two things no one can take from you! I feel we should all think about and act in accordance to what you commit based upon your word first because that is what tarnishes your name. If you don't live by your word you will never be able to have the bond you deserve. You must self check and stay in the light of day not the dark of dawn which calculates in a karmic way in conjunction with the universe. Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith
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