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Opinions and Tarot
I have no place for puting judgment on people for the choices they make and the directions they choose, but the Tarot does. The Tarot knows right from wrong and sometimes I've sat here  and listened to the Tarot verbally slap someone across the face. I have to try my best to deliver the message in a way that is most easily received (I certainly don't want to offend my clients) but at times I've had to just come out realizing there is no other way to say a thing that needs to be said. I guess it's called "tough love."

I certainly have sympathy for others who find themselves in a bind and can't clearly see the way out. By sympathy of course I mean I have been there too! Callers ask me sometimes about  romantic involvements ranging from "what was he trying to say to me?" to "where will I ever  find a lover whom I deserve?" We've all been there, lost in love or lost from love. And sometimes the ways and means are not just about that other person, sometimes it's about our own weaknesses and shortcomings and these will need to be addressed. I want to work with my callers to help them find these answers and address these issues to the best of our ability.

I have a great deal of compassion in these circumstances. By compassion I mean I am having feelings that work in concert with how my caller feels. This does not mean I have the same feelings they have (that would not be beneficial) but have feelings for their benefit, for their search and hopes. The Tarot, though, is purely objective. It only wants what you want when you tell it what you are searching for, and then it wants to tell you the optimal way to accomplish what you want. Sometimes that means some seriously hard corrections to what you've been doing (see some of my other writings that touch on this subject such as "Honesty's Policy" and "What You See is What You Get").

Empathy is feeling the other person's feelings about a situation or condition, and it means having an emotional connection to how someone would feel if something were to happen in their lives. Empathy is what makes us not want to hurt our neighbors because we know how they would feel (even if we know we wouldn't exactly feel the same way). This is not to be confused with the "New Age" label of "empath" such as characterize on Star Trek the Next Generation with the character of Diana Troy - real or fantasy, that's not what empathy actually means (the portrayal on that show is more like "psychic sympathy" and has lead to some confusion of meaning of the word empathy). It's through empathy that I receive the answers to questions that involve how other people are feeling, it is also the tool I use to keep my mouth shut or tempered sometimes when the message might be one that causes pain. Empathy is what wells up inside of me those few times I have to deliver the bad news.

Right or wrong according to your neighbor, your lover, your family and friends, your path is just that; your path. What's right for your path is not always what everyone else expects. Many people think it is right not to tell a lie (I'm one of those people) but one time I gave a reading to a client who desperately wanted a change in her circumstances and to my surprise, the objective opinion of the Tarot was that she should tell the lie she was considering. That was interesting in my study of the Tarot because I didn't even actually know until I told her that she was considering telling a lie. And then she told me what lie she had in mind and sure enough, it fit perfectly to the scheme the Tarot had suggested. I told her my opinion about telling lies and my esoteric notions of karma about this subject, but also we determined that if there would be any backlash to lying inside her Universe, the risk was minimal as ultimately this lie bore no harm to anyone. In fact, if it hadn't come up in the reading I wouldn't have even imagined a need to tell a lie in order to get what she wanted - but it is what the cards came up with, it is what the client chose to do even with wisdom of the potential of living a lie (not really, it was a lie that only impacted one decission in one day) and it ultimately led to her getting what was best for her life. Besides, she worked it into only half a lie (the other half of the lie is that her desire was the only option).

I have no opinion of right or wrong or any judgment of lifestyle or choices you wish to make, but I do have opinions about how Tarot works and how reality works and Tarot, among many other things, is in my opinion always right about these matters so long as we honestly ask what is on our minds and agree to follow through with what we've learned. I am here to advise you in accordance to what I translate from the Tarot, what I see and feel in our readings about your concerns. I can't help you if you don't want to work out your problems and instead just wish them away.
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