The Truth with SOUL

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs. I believe in keeping every real. I use Numerology The Tarot and my Psychic Insight to read for you and execute all readings with compassion and understanding
Once again I give to you...
My expertise...and knowledge of the cards with a sample reading for free. Please email or post your question here and give me 36 hours to answer. It is important you give your first name and your question is clear. Just remember when asking what someone thinks of you, you are asking me to interfere in a very private matter....This may bite a little but I find if someone is thinking of you and are genuine you will know...It is really none of our business what a person thinks of us nor is it theirs what we think of them. Thoughts are the only things that can remain private and confidential so please don't ask me to pry. I have done this for people before and I don't like it. I also find unless they are thinking of you at the time...I am not going to get anything.
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