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Soulmates, Relationships, Life Advice....At times it's not a matter of "getting over", rather we need help "getting through" our situation. let's start a journey together TODAY..The best is yet to come!

Sometimes a Soulmate comes into our lives merely to have an influence on us and then move on.  They are temporarily in our lives to help us reach our next level to our true destiny ......  Sometimes that is a difficult peiod. 

A soulmate is finding your heart's counterpart.

A Soulmate is finding someone who makes you feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror.

A Soulmate is caring about someone else more than you care about yourself.

A Soulmate is someone who makes you feel like the best is yet to come...........

I could go on and on and on..............Everyone has their own definition of what a Soulmate means to them............WHAT'S YOURS? I would love to know???

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A soulmate is that person that for good or not good, is contracted to bring us our lessons in this life time. The word mate means "friend". So they are an Anam CHara, or soul friend, and behave as such. So if you have someone in your life that is obviously teaching you something, then they are a "soul mate" to you.

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Well put beautiful words, Victoria.  
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I believe in Kindermates, Soulmates to me are the AFterlife ~ the one waiting for us in when we cross over.

Kindermates you can go through many in your lifetime. They are the ones that come to us through each phase of our life.

I met someone last April of 2006. When I met him I was floored. Why? Because I knew him from a past life. I knew him, yet, in this life today, it was the first time I saw him and yet, I KNEW HIM from a PAST LIFE. I couldn't stop looking at him and he felt the same way. I am not talking about love at first sight, I am talking about the knowing, the feeling that I knew this person before.
I knew he was my Kindermate.

From the pastlife that we had once, we had a heck of a time being together. And we are now.
This life today is being given to us, another chance to be with my Kindermate. And has been a repeat struggle once again but this time, I think we will actually be together in time.

There is a difference between Kindermate and Soulmates. Kindermates are the now, today.
Soulmates are those who have crossed over and are or may be waiting for you.

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I used to believe that soulmates were two souls from a previous life, reconnecting because they were meant to be together in a love relationship.  However, I recently learned that although this can be the case, it can also simply be two souls from a previous life reconnecting for the purpose of resolving previous issues, as well as to grow, teach, and learn from one another.

Up until recently, I believed that my soulmate was someone with whom I have this intense and inexplicably strong connection, that was felt by both of us (and sensed by others as well). People just loved seeing us together. I interpreted this to mean that we were meant to be together forever in this lifetime.

This belief was reinforced by someone who told me that infact we were "Twin Flames" which as it was explained....means we are two opposite sides of one soul and were meant to be together...for example: like the opposite sides of a coin.

However, with what I've recently learned about soulmates and Twin Flames, I don't know what to believe anymore.  What I do know is this... The depth of Love I feel for this person is such that to be apart from him even for a day is torture. My heart aches when we are not together. I never thought it was possible to literally feel my heart ache over someone, but I have never felt such intensely strong feelings for anyone. I guess if you've never been there, it's hard to understand but believe me it's possible.
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This is a good question, Vicky, and here are some of my thoughts.

I feel there are several types of soulmates. I feel there are the nonromantic ones, those from past lives or our time inbetween in transit whom we've known and are knowing again. We have an instant connection on thing after thing, and it is clear, "yes, I have known you...good to see you again."

As for romantic love, I feel there might be a few kinds of ways a person can be a soulmate. I think that with laws of attraction perhaps we've been with one person time and time again life after life, and we meet that person again. Is it right to say "OH, it's my soulmate [in that we've known each other before] and let's get married this time too!", or are we to, perhaps finally, come to realize this person, although a soul bond is felt and kindredness, is not best suited for us and we're to finally NOT be with them in one of our lives.

Another kind of soulmate I feel is the kind that comes into our lives from the cosmos to fulfill a purpose, although perhaps not a lifelong purpose.

Another would be someone who is a strong soul connection, and we've known each other before, but have never been together in any life, and still feel it's best to, although the connection, to not actually be together. Nonetheless we run naturally are drawn and because of that find each other in life after life.

Then there's the soulmate that is, whether it's been the same in past lives or not, a mirror of ourselves, the parts of ourselves we're missing as well as the parts of ourselves that shine 100 times brighter because of the way the other sparks with us...typically we see similar patterns and life experiences with this person, and it's perhaps like the partner is our "romantic-doppleganger".
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Victoria,I believe my Steve is my soul mate.I've talked to you several times on Keen.I'll probably be calling again.I believe you only have 1 soul mate,and I've met mine,but I don't believe our time is right. I want to have a baby with him so bad,I pray,and pray.He's out of my life,and I don't know if he's coming back to be mine.I want nothing else but to be back with him,and for me to get pregnant,and have a healthy happy baby or babies with him.I ask God for this miracle every time I pray.Please contact and let me know what you see.(636)462-4470.Sincerely yours,Tina.
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A soul mate is another human being able to connect trancendentally to another. The outcome of the 'friendship' short or long is a lesson to be learnt. In some ways it can be a beutiful experience, on the other hand very painful when they leave your life. Who said a soulmate has to be perfect? Learning to 'know thy self' is the deepest truth of all. Quite simply, it is the human being resonating at the same frequency as another at the same time. Some people are aware of this and use it for ill purpose, others dont. The message? some people become aware that self does resonate, and the more aware one becomes of this human condition, the more it is understood that we are ALL made of the same stuff. Energy and matter.Hence the saying like attracts like.
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There is a big difference between someone you 'click' with, and your soulmate.  You'll click with many people in your life, and that's great - these are the people who will be your best friends and maybe lovers, husbands, what have you.

However, your soulmate is a one-off.  You won't ever get - or want - another.

It's strange, but I really can't explain how you know when you've met your soulmate, but you will.  There is no doubt whatsoever.

It might not start as 'love' or even as like ...I disliked mine when we first met, which was totally irrational, as he'd done nothing to make this happen.  But it was a very strong feeling of connection, which quickly changed from dislike to the most intense sense of belonging and deep mutual understanding and need that I've ever experienced.

It was 'different' from anything else, and even as young as we both were, we recognised the fact.  There was almost no need for speech, although we enjoyed the brief times we were allowed to speak freely to each other.  But instinctively we always knew how the other was feeling, and what to do about it.

In our case, we were not allowed to be together on a permanent basis.  Circumstances were such that we had no power, at the time, and we were deliberately separated by others.  We accepted then that our fate would not allow a permanent alliance.  (And yes, we both wish we'd done differently, had more courage to stand up for ourselves at the time.)  But we both wanted each other very badly, and just thinking about what we've missed all these years still brings me to tears.

To this day, we still have this connection, which will never fade, despite the fact that we live in different countries, have built separate lives which we would never want to destroy, and will probably never see each other again.  In a way, it doesn't matter.  I feel incredibly enriched to have had this experience in my life.
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