To see clearly, you need to step away from judgment.
You must disallow muddy thoughts to float into your mind.
You have to release yourself into the collective consciousness.
Observe what goes on around you, without interacting.
Notice what you are drawn to.
Go down the staircase of your body..
As you move down the spiral stairs,
At each level in the middle you notice a crystal.
The first crystal is RED, like fire.
You reach out and push it making it spin, and hum.
You keep going,
The next crystal you come to is bright ORANGE.
You reach out and spin this one,
Matching the RED crystal's speed.
Further down the staircase is a glowing YELLOW crystal.
You smile, knowing just what to do.
With the YELLOW spinning now you descend and see
A GREEN radiant crystal, and give it a push.
Moving downward Is an ice BLUE crystal..
And finally you get to the Violet one,
Which you set in motion to match
the hum and speed of all the others.
You get to the bottom of the staircase.
You gaze up the center, captivated by the rainbow.
Your body sways and hums along.
You feel past your body...
You step into the center of the Violet glow,
and are pulled quickly through to the top.
You sit down and put your hands on the ground for balance.
The euphoria starts to wear off.
You have aligned yourself.
You look around with a deeper sense of connectedness.
You are calmer, yet more awake.
Certain things begin to stand out.
You are able to see more clearly.
You notice the colors of the energy others wear.
You notice how certain colors blend.
And the people act nicely.
You see how some, that look great alone, clash.
And these people push away from each other.
You begin to see what color you wear.
You now have the ability to change your color,
to compliment who you are around.
Or the ability to keep someone away...
You find yourself in a bubble of color.
Change the colors.
Feel each ones purpose.
Be clear and receptive to the changes around you.
Notice the true energies around you.
Energy is Life. To change your life change your energy.
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